25+ Interesting WordPress Statistics and Facts for 2023

WordPress has taken the digital marketing world since its establishment in 2003.

The number of compelling themes, plugins and other features it offers has caught the attention of many. Today we will take a deeper look at how it and why it is very popular through interesting WordPress Statistics and Facts.

25+ Latest WordPress Statistics and Facts of 2023

1. There are 27 new posts in WordPress every second

WordPress is a highly used CMS, and that itself tells a lot about the reliability and ease of use of the platform. There are millions of websites powered by WordPress CMS. Web owners who heavily run their website on WordPress use plugins and tools to personalize and operate their websites. People who use the Jetpack plugin (A plugin for WordPress site) post 70 million times in a month, equal to 27 posts every second.

Source: WordPress

2. 43.2% of websites on the internet are created with WordPress

Acquiring over 40% of all websites just by one CMS platform is shocking. As you already know, WordPress is super popular for CMS users. The open-source software of WordPress allows its users to customize and add tools & Plugins easily. Another reason why many bloggers and web owner uses WordPress is because of its reliability.

Source: W3tech

3. 71% of all content in WordPress is in the English language

All web owners use WordPress to publish content in multiple languages. However, English is the most common language writers write their content on WordPress. According to WordPress.com, 71% of wordpress content is in English, followed by Spanish, which is at 4.7%.

Source: WordPress

4. WordPress developers earn $76,526 on average.

WordPress developers earns $76,526 annually. According to Glassdoor, the salary of WordPress developers ranges from $58K to $107k in the United States in 2021.

Source: Glassdoor

5. WordPress gets more traffic than Twitter

Social Media platforms like Twitter seem like those platforms that get many times more traffic than any blogging site. However, that is far from the truth. While Twitter on average receives 90 million unique visitors in a month, WordPress has a whopping 163 million monthly unique visitors.

Source: Digital.com

6. WordPress supports more than 100 languages

The large translation community of WordPress makes it accessible and suitable for all different parts of the world where other languages are spoken. There are plugins that also supports multiple languages, and it enhances the user experience. WordPress translation system makes it the best CMS for anyone who wants to start a website in other languages.

Source: WordPress

7. There are 1.6 billion results for searching up “WordPress” in Google

Anything related to WordPress and WordPress itself has over 1.6 billion results on the Google search engine. Any theme, plugin, community forums or tutorials about WordPress will show up in the result.

8. WordPress is searched 2.9 million times in a month

Many types of data analysis tools have been determining how many times WordPress has been searched. According to KWfinder, on average, WordPress has been searched 2.9 times in a month. Other CMS does not get as much search volume as WordPress.

Source: KWfinder

9. More than 1 million domains are registered on WordPress every six months

The ease of setup and registering a domain on WordPress has impressed many. According to BuiltWith, in 2015, there were 1 million domains registered on WordPress every 6 months.

WordPress has made its CMS easy to use, and the process of making your online presence is very convenient on WordPress.

Source: BuiltWith

10. WordPress eliminates over 7.5 million spam messages

The number of comments on WordPress posts is 29 times lower than spam messages. This indicates the highly unsolicited messages that WordPress people get in their posts. It can hinder the experience and value of WordPress CMS.

According to Akismet, the plugin removes 7.5 million spam messages every hour, and users are praising the WordPress plugin.

Source: Akismet

11. 30 million websites use WordPress

Since wordpress is a widely used CMS all over the world, there is doubt that millions of websites are powered by WordPress. According to BuiltWith, there are 30 million websites that are powered by WordPress. The number is said to increase tremendously in the coming years.

Source: BuiltWith

12. Avada Theme has earned 35 million dollars

A WordPress theme Avada sold over 775,421 copies and made 45 million dollars. Each copy of Avada costs $60, and the competitive pricing with excellent features have made it one of the most purchased WordPress themes.

Source: Avada

13. 3500 Out of 10000 top websites are powered by WordPress

35% of the top 10000 websites are made with WordPress. According to BuiltWith, WordPress is powering many of the top 10000 websites on the internet. The high-quality CMS features and reliability has made it a number one choice for many web owner among the top 10000 sites.

Source: BuiltWith

14. Only 4.7% of the total WordPress users use the latest WordPress version

WordPress has recommended its users to use the latest version of WordPress for an enhanced experience. Outdated versions can cause issues and hinder the ability of some new features. WordPress.org shows that only 4.7% have updated their WordPress to its latest version (5.9).

Source: WordPress

15. WordPress has organized over 1100 WordCamps

WordCamp is a locally held conference where executives and experts talk about WordPress. WordCamp is important to spread knowledge about WordPress CMS and let users know as much as possible about it. WordCamp was first conducted in 2006, and it has been held 1100 times since then.

Source: WordCamps

16. Version 5.8 of WordPress has been downloaded 107,400,000 times

WordPress 5.9 is the latest version of WordPress; however, it is not the most downloaded WordPress version. The most downloaded WordPress is WordPress 5.8, and it has been downloaded more than 107,400,000 times.

Source: WordPress Counter

17. Currently, there are 59725 free plugins for WordPress

There are over 59K plugins for WordPress that are absolutely free. With this amount of plugins, there is definitely a plugin that you need to add to your WordPress website.

Source: WordPress

18. WordPress has around 1877 employees as of October 2021

While Amazon has 566000 employees, WordPress has only 1877 employees who operate every enterprise aspect. This makes the number of WordPress employees 500 times fewer than the number of Amazon employees.

Source: Automattic

19. The market share of WordPress is rising at 5.6% every year

Much statistical data analysis about the market rise of CMS shows that the market share of WordPress is rising by 5.6% every year.

Source: HostingTribunal

20. 70% of all DMCA law requests have been denied by WordPress

The most popular CMS technology software WordPress has denied the request of Government DMCA many times in the past. WordPress has received over 85000 government requests, and WordPress has only indulged in 31% of them.

Source: Automattic

21. Contact Form 7 is the most used WordPress Plugin

There are over 59 thousand plugins for WordPress, and among those, Contact Form is standing at the top as the most used WordPress Plugin. Contact Form has over 5+ million active installations.

Source: WordPress

22. The average subscription cost for a WordPress theme is $145

Tesla Themes for WordPress has subscription-based membership where the average membership charge is $145 annually. Divi, Avada and Genesis frameworks are among the most popular WordPress themes.

Source: Kinsta

23. WooCommerce is installed on 5.1 million WordPress Websites

WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce website plugin that delivers influential features. The fact that it is a free plugin has contributed to the enormous number of downloads.

Source: BuiltWith

24. 52% of WordPress threats are caused by WordPress Plugins

Since there are tons of WordPress Plugins that are both free and paid, it is not difficult for any vulnerabilities to happen when installing a plugin for WordPress. 52% of vulnerabilities of WordPress sites are from its plugins and 41% from WordPress Hosting Platforms.

Source: Kinsta

25. WordPress has a 65.3% market share among all websites that use CMS technology

The largest market share among all CMS is held by WordPress. According to the W3techs, WordPress has a 51% market share, meaning that 65.3% of all websites that are using CMS technology are powered by WordPress. On the 2nd number, Shopify is holding its position at 6.7% market distribution.

Source: W3techs


We hope that these interesting facts and statistics about WordPress has given you valuable information and insights.

As a web owner or a blogger, you can use this information and evaluate your approach to grow your WordPress site tremendously.

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