Best OptinMonster Alternatives & Competitors for Lead Generation

Want to have high-quality email lists that convert into sales? But you also don’t want to use OptinMonster? Please take a look at our best OptinMonster alternatives.

In this article, we have curated a full-fledged list of the best OptinMonster alternatives that you can get. We have taken all types of marketers, web owners, and busineses to consider, whether they are big or small. So you should find the exact type of email list building opt-in plugin in this article.

Read through each OptinMonster Alternative to understand its ups and downs. Only from there can you analyze your conclusion about which OptinMonsyer Alternative is for you.

Why You Should Try OptinMonster Alternatives?

OptinMonster offers essential features to build email lists, and there is no doubt about them being a reliable platform for their services. So why should you try OptinMonster Alternative? Firstly, with the price of OptinMonster, you can get better deals with other options. And secondly, the shift of OptinMonster to hosting service.

OptinMonster charges its users premium prices starting with $9 for a basic plan, and the prices go up to $49 for their most expensive plan. There are also two plans in between, which costs $19/month (Plus plan) and $29/month (Pro Plan). These prices are not suitable for new bloggers and web owners.

The hosting model of OptinMonster has its own perks when it comes to managing updating plugins and disk space. However, as a user, you will not get any authority of forms, where your data is being stored, and how you want OptinMonster to operate.

8 Best OptinMonster Alternatives & Competitors for Lead Generation in 2023

Here are the best alternatives for OptinMonster. Each plugin will deliver high-quality popups, targeting tools, and more to generate high conversion leads.

1. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is at the top of our list due to its reliability and the set of features it provides. ThriveThemes is a popular WordPress theme and plugins provider that focuses on list building for generating leads. This WordPress plugin is on-par with OptinMonster when it comes to features.

Thrive Leads has impressive features like visual template builder, drag & drop, built-in A/B testing, solid targeting protocols, and rigid email marketing services.

One of the main selling points of Thrive Leads is their visual builder, and it is superior to the one OptinMonster has. Other than that, the drag and drop feature is easy and effective to use. You can easily personalize the visual interface of your website. You can also build popups that resonate with the Thrive Architect page builder plugin.

Thrive leads also perform other tasks, which are on the neck and neck with OptinMonster. You can use the built-in A/B testing and SmartLink display that showcase different popups if the person is already a subscriber to your email list.

OptinMonster still has the upper hand in targeting rules by a bit of margin. Thrive Leads also has sturdy targeting rules, but it lacks the depth and flexibility of OptinMonster.

Thrive leads only offers its premium version as a part of the inclusive Thrive Suite. The cost of the premium version is $19/month which needs to be paid annually ($228/yearly).

2. Convert Pro

Convert Pro is another solid contender for the OptinMonster alternative. If you make a WordPress plugin of OptinMonster, then it will come out as Convert Pro. That is how much they have in terms of similarities. However, that is a good thing.

This Email opt-in and lead generation plugin offers a drag and drops visual interface feature as well as Built-in A/B testing. In addition, Convert Pro has some of the most detailed targeting rules when it comes to lead generation and email lists. Last but not least, it also has multiple high-quality pre-built templates.

Convert Pro is also available for mobiles, and it is not just for being accessible on various devices. The developers of Convert Pro have optimized it to run properly. There is a mobile editor that lets users control responsive designs. Google Analytics is also integrated so that you can also see insights from Google analytics and track your stats.

Convert Pro is a great alternative to OptinMonster because there is no noticeable disadvantage of using Convert Pro over OptinMonster. There may be some instances of difference, but in general, they are basically the same.

When it comes to pricing, Convert Pro comes into the spotlight as it offers lower prices than OptinMonster. Convert Pro offers an annual subscription model as well as a lifetime pricing model. The 1-year license costs $99, while the Lifetime license is $399.

3. ConvertBox

ConvertBox claims to have a more intelligent way of generating leads and converting them. The intelligent way of converting seems to be confirmed with their combination of cloud-based platforms and plugins. The plugin seamlessly integrates into your website, and it entirely operates and is powered by its cloud service. It is definitely a fresh and intuitive way of integrating plugins.

ConvertBos comes with a detailed tracker, various form types, and intelligent targeting tools. ConvertBox uses these targeting tools to prompt appropriate forms and funnels to its visitors. It is effective in converting leads into paying customers.

OptinMonster also has similar services, but ConvertBox has cloud services and more control over its tools. Above all, it also has an A/B testing tool and a beloved drag and drops design interface.

ConvertBox is a tad bit superior over OptinMonster mainly because of its combination of cloud and plugin approaches. Other than that, there are no other significant differences. On the other hand, ConvertBox is currently an invite-only system which makes OptinMoster much more accessible for common people.

The lifetime license of ConvertBox price is $495, and they will announce other pricing models in the future.

4. Leadpages

Leadpages is a part of the cloud-based suite that includes services for making landing pages, websites, popups, and lead generation. Leadpages is an effective tool for building code-free websites, high-converting landing pages, alert bars, and many more. You can generate high-quality leads and make a fulfilling email list out of them.

Leadpages caters to small businesses and individuals who are just starting out. We will focus more on Leadpages popup, and opt-in email builders as these two aspects of OptinMosters are the most important.

There is no better or worse plugin in terms of lead generation. However, Leadpages offers more features like building landing pages and websites, which OptinMonster does not offer. Leadpages can be perfect for small businesses that have the objective of having a wider marketing scope from email lists.

There is an intuitive drag and drop feature that allows the collection of forms for generating leads. It also allows advanced integration in pages. Leadpages also has analytics tools that show reports and A/B testing tools. Above all, the combination of lead generation and the publishing tool of Leadpages is something to look out for.

When it comes to Leadpages pricing, the STANDARD plan costs $37/month, and the PRO plan costs $74/month (If you billed annually).

5. Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It is particularly popular among the large library of plugins from CodeCanyon, where it has been purchased over 36000 times. In addition, it also has a 4.34-star rating among thousands of reviews. So you can tell it is a popular and reliable WordPress Plugin that can also be considered as an alternative for OptinMonster.

This plugin has massive pre-built popup templates for all types of websites. The drag and drop feature is also reliable, but some may find the user experience average at best. Ninja Popups has other amazing features like page-level targeting, A/B testing, built-in statistics, plenty of triggers, and 40+ integrations with email campaigns.

Ninja Popups does not have the best user experience and is certainly not better than OptinMonster. However, it provides plenty of features at very competitive rates. OptinMOnster charges way more than what Ninja Popups charge for its services. The price of Ninja Popups is $24, which is a one-time licensing.

Ninja Popups is perfect for website owners who have a tight budget but do not want to compromise on many things. Moreover, if web owners can live with an average user experience of Ninja Popups, then it is a suitable choice for them. However, if you have the budget to spend on premium lead conversion plugins, then there are far better options for you on this list.

6. Unbounce

Unbounce is another cloud-based service that provides not only popups and opt-in forms but also facilitates its services for making landing pages. You can build leads from building email lists using the additional service of high-quality landing pages that Unbounce provides.

If we talk about popups, Unbounce has location, page activity, and other useful metrics. You can also change keywords according to what the customers are searching for at a given time.

Unbounce is very useful for large enterprises and websites that primarily deal with email lists. This opt-in form is certainly focusing on the majority of lead generations which are coming from emails. Web owners can have up to 2500 conversions and 50,000 visitors with the Unbounce premium plan.

The reliable smart popup triggers with an intuitive drag, landing pages, and drop editor make Unbounce a distinct alternative for OptinMonster. Apart from that, the website that uses Unbounce is fully responsive and has a quick loading speed.

The starting price of Unbounce is $81/month for the Launch plan, and it goes up to $203/month for the accelerate plan. In between, there is Optimize plan that costs $122/month. All this pricing information is based on their annual price. Unbounce also provides 2% discounts on friend referrals.

7. Bloom

Bloom is an email-opt-in form plugin you can get directly from Elegant Themes. It is another excellent opt-in for email lists, and it has comprehensive features. Bloom’s own form designer is intuitive and easy to use, and anyone will be able to create an amazing design in minutes.

Apart from that, Boom has other helpful features like intelligent triggers, integrations, and plenty of templates. It also has MailChimp as its email integration. If you know about MailChimp, then you must be already very tempted to try this plugin out.

The user experience of Bloom is fantastic, with their design flair similar to what you see in developer’s themes. In addition, the dashboard has all controls and information to navigate everything from one place. As you already know that you can create your own design form with Bloom, there other places where you can make select other designs. If you want a pre-made design form, there is also a large library of popups, slide-ins, inline forms, and many more.

Where Bloom excels is its user experience. In our tests, we recognize the intuitive dashboard and smooth user experience are better than OptinMonster, and it does not even have a bad user experience in the first place.

Bloom is a premium product from Elegant, and you have to pay a premium to access all the Elegant premium themes. There is a subscription fee of $89/year or $249 for a lifetime.

8. OptiMonk

OptiMonk is different from most opt-in form plugins in this list because it is an independent tool. It is not a dedicated plugin for WordPress; however, OptiMonk can also be integrated with WordPress. This opt-in tool is compatible with multiple platforms, just like OptinMonster.

The difference between these two opt-in tools is that, unlike OptinMonster, OptiMonk focuses on eCommerce sites. It caters to eCommerce business with its on-site messaging tools and features.

OptiMonk offers tools to grow lists, reduce cart abandonment, and relevant action-based popups. With that being said, if you are not an ecommerce site and have nothing to do with ecommerce, it is better to look somewhere else.

But if Ecommerce is your business, then OptiMonk will give you eCommerce-related tools and promotions. There are plenty of templates specifically designed to reduce cart abandonment. The chances of cart abandonment are also increased with target-based popups where the tool will analyze the items in the cart. The lucky wheel is also integrated with the unique popup that OptiMonk provides.

OptiMonk offers a free trial where you get 15000 page views per month. After that, the starting price of OptiMonk plans is $29/month. With paid plans, you will get access to more advanced features.

Conclusion – Which is the Best OptinMonster Alternative for You?

We cannot single out one alternative that will serve everyone. The best OptinMonster alternative is the one that suits your needs the best. It depends on what you want in your opt-in services.

For some of you who are still confused about which one to go for, don’t worry. We have summarized which alternative you should choose.

If you like something very similar to OptinMonster, you can use Convert Pro at a lower price. Thrive Leads is another excellent choice that comes behind Convert Pro.

People with a budget of $60 or lower can go for Ninja Popups. However, you have to compromise on the user experience on that.

Elementor Pro is best for design flexibility, while OptiMonk caters to eCommerce sites. If you already have a WordPress website, then WordPress specific plugin like Popup Maker would make sense. Last but not least, if you like a simple list-building pop-in tool, then WP Subscribe Pro is for you.

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