Best Remote Desktop Software and Access Tools

This is the place to check out the best remote desktop software.

Many companies are operating on a large scale where constant connections among various servers are needed to function the business. This is where software like remote desktop software or remote access tools plays a vital role.

This software will make its users get access to a remote computer. Your local network and the internet will create a remote connection on both ends. One is the local computer and the other end is the remote computer.

It is highly critical to choose the right remote desktop software for you or your company. There are many options with various sets of features. The reliability and the robust user experience are great factors in choosing the right remote desktop software.

What is the Best (Most Popular) Remote Desktop Software?

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a robust cloud-based remote desktop software that can give access to almost any remote device.

The specialized remote support makes it effortless and secure for the user to get access to any personal or sensitive data from a remote location.

Zoho Assist has unattended access plans where the users can still get access to the remote computer even if the computer is not in use. This allows seamless workflow without any inconvenience.

Hospitals or finance can benefit a lot from unattended access plans as it also has multi-factor authentications for secure access.

The prices are very competitive so this remote desktop software won’t hurt a lot when you spend on one of the plans of Zoho Assist.

There is a selection of powerful tools such as remote printing and custom brandings which are perfect for technicians and IT supports. This software also has reliable security integrations from its users.

One of the limitations of Zoho Assists is that the free trial period does not come with only a few accessible features.

Zoho Assist plans:

Standard plan – $8/month

Professional – $13/month

Enterprise – $21/month

2. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is a great remote desktop manager. However, the pricing structure can be a little intimidating, especially for small business teams.

With GoToMyPC, users can securely get access to their remote windows desktop or Mac from anywhere. You don’t have to be an expert in computer because it is easy to set up and use.

You can create a desktop icon on your device as well as on the remote computer. This icon lets you connect to remote devices by just doing double-clicking on it. This is an underrated feature since so many other remote desktop software do not have this feature.

Another great feature of GoToMyPC is the drag and drop feature where users can easily drag and transfer multiple files to the remote computer. This allows users to have streamlined workflow and uninterrupted working sessions.

GoToMyPC is available for iOS, Android and kindles devices. There cross-platform remote connection meaning you can get access to your windows desktop from your android device.

GoToMyPC plans:

Personal – $35/month

Pro – $66/month

Corporate – $140/month

3. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is suitable for major authorities and enterprises. The powerful features of LogMeIn Pro are effective for all types of large businesses.

LogMeIn Pro is one of the best remote desktop software out there in the market. It is certainly an excellent choice for big businesses. IT has a wide variety of great tools which are designed for large enterprises.

Get easy access to many remote computers at one time with zero network issues. The secure integrations of protections for sensitive files will make sure that they are safe and are not compromised.

Individuals and small businesses may not benefit from this software since its features can be overkill and not efficient for small scale operations.

The prices are also not budget-friendly but you can get a 14-day free trial that has 2 remote connections. After that, you need to purchase a plan to continue using the services.

LogMeIn Pro plans:

Individuals – €30/month

Power Users – €70/month

Small Businesses – €127/month

4. ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus works on all major platforms such as windows, Mac and Linux computers.

The best part of using ManageEngine Remote Access Plus is that you can get remote access to any computer in the world from a centralized location.

A big part of its success is because of how effective and beneficial it is for IT companies and system administrations when it comes to troubleshooting any remote computer.

The main tools of ManageEngine Remote Access Plus include System manager, advanced desktop sharing, remote command prompt and Wake on LAN.

This remote desktop software has security features that meet HIPAA standards if users belong and are using the software for medical and health-related information.

Users can install this remote access software on their Mac, Windows or Linux and use its powerful features such as multi-monitor support, record sessions, integrated chat and multiple files transfer.

Users can also team up with other technicians to work on troubleshooting a complex issue that occurred in a remote computer.

ManageEngine Remote Access Plus plans:

Subscription price at – $20/month

5. RemotePC

RemotePC is delivered and developed by iDrive who are known for their epic cloud storage solutions. RemotePC is also not a slouch when it comes to delivering quality.

RemotePC also runs on advanced cloud-based where it provides stellar features for remote access to computers.

You can install RemotePC and use it on Windows, web, android and iOS.

Streamlined collaboration among various IT teams and any type of technicians can be done using the RemotePC voice chat feature. This allows efficient and effective troubleshooting and solving any complex technical error that requires a group of experts.

RemotePC has highly competitive prices which makes it a great choice for users who do not have an unlimited budget on remote desktop software. It is also very secure and highly scalable.

RemotePC web app has its perks over other platforms where it can be used. It is feasible for many connections at one go.

There are some limitations or drawbacks of RemotePC that you may face such as long setup time and the web app does not include general features.

There is a 30-day free trial available in RemotePC

RemotePC plans:

$3.48/year for the first year and up to 10 computers connectivity.

6. ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control comes with excellent security and features that help technicians and IT staff work flawlessly.

The remote customer support devices allow access to remote computers and troubleshoot problems, manage and perform an installation and configure a complex program.

The security features of ConnectWise will keep your personal and sensitive data at bay.

Only users who are granted access can view those data and there is no other way to view that information. It is an excellent security feature that is backed by industry standards.

ConnectWise Control has 2 formates, one is Support and the other is Access. The supported format is to get access to remote computers.

ConnectWise Access has a license type of Agent-based where the user can get access to the selections of ConnectWise remote access management tools. These tools are remote network management tools.

The support system has simultaneous sessions for IT staff and technicians for seamless workflow and troubleshooting.

Both formats have a 7-day free trial. Support format has three paid plans while access has only one independent plan.

ConnectWise Plans:

One – $19/month

Standard – $35/month

Premium – $45/month

Access – $30/month

7. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the best remote desktop software when it comes to cross-platform compatibility.

It is an excellent remote desktop software that lets you connect to any remote computer around the world.

TeamViewer is easy to use no matter on what device or what platform you are using it on. It is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

The paid plans are quite expensive for individuals who are using TeamViewer for personal use.

Individuals and enterprises who run a business should consider purchasing a subscription since the free version will not benefit them much.

Yes, there is a free version that lets you connect to a remote computer but has lots of limited features.

TeamViewer is easy to set up and the user interface is excellent. People with little knowledge about remote desktops will easily get used to it.

The performance of TeamViewer is not on par with its competition and the subscription price is expensive.

TeamViewer Plans:

Business License – 1499 INR

Premium License – 3099 INR

Corporate License – 6599 INR

8. Parallels Access

Parallels Access is a great cross-platform remote desktop software.

The software is built in a way that users can easily and comfortably get access to a remote computer from their mobile devices via Parallels Access.

Although it comes with normal connectivity which is computer to computer connection, its unique mobile user interface makes it a great experience.

Parallels have their own unique mobile user interface which looks completely different and more suitable for the screen size of mobile devices.

Many remote desktop software just shoves the exact replica of a desktop interface into a mobile screen which hinders the user experience.

Parallels Access has affordable paid plans and people with a tight budget can definitely consider this software.

If you are also someone who uses mobile devices to work, you can love this software when it comes to accessing your home or work computer remotely.

Parallels Access Plans:

Parallels Desktop Pro Edition – $99.99/year

Parallels Desktop Business Edition – $99.99/year

Parallels Desktop – $79.99

What is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Desktop software is a tool that lets a person gets access to a remote desktop interface or a desktop computer that is physically not accessible.

Remote Desktop software lets its users connect, access and alter files of a remote computer. It lets the user use the remote computer like he is using a computer in front of him.

This idea comes a lot more beneficial for businesses that are operating on a large scale with multiple offices setups throughout the city, country or the world.

Network administrations of such companies can use remote desktop software to remotely resolve any technical issues of clients and the company itself.

Remote Desktop Software is also ritually used for installing applications and removing viruses from a remote desktop computer.

How Remote Desktop Software Works?

Remote Desktop Software used the internet connection and create a remote connection between the remote machine and the local computer.

Both remote and local computers should be turned on have an internet connection for the software to establish a successful remote connection.

Remote Access tools need to be installed on both ends. If either one of the computers does not properly install the Remote access tool then the remote connection won’t be able to happen.

The Remote desktop software should be the same on the local computer as well as on the remote computer.

After making a successful remote connection via the remote access tool. The person who is on a local computer can have access to the remote computer and use it as if the machine is physically in front of him.

With a keyboard and a mouse, you can remotely access the computer somewhere far from your reach. The target remote computer desktop will be shown on the local desktop.

Now the user can install software, transfer files, troubleshoot and remove viruses on the remote computer.

Premium remote desktop features provide fine sets of security features where everything that has happened during the remote accessing session will be encrypted.

The company of the remote desktop software you are using won’t know what you are doing since everything was encrypted. Some software allows recording features for the users to revisit the session whenever they have to.

Who Uses Remote Desktop Software?

Remote Desktop software can be used by anyone with a computer or a smartphone. It is mostly used by technicians and IT staff for efficient workflow.

Tech support staff is needed in almost all types of companies whether they operating on a large scale or a small scale. Technicians can simply use a remote access tool to fix any complex tech-related issues on the remote computer. This can be done for a customer or within the company.

Apart from tech staff benefiting from remote desktop software, it can also be used for any personal use. Suppose if someone does not have access to his computer locally, but can use a remote access tool to get access to the remote computer to transfer files or to check highly important data.

Remote Desktop Software Key Features

These are the key features of a remote desktop software:

Unattended Access: This allows the technician or the tech support person to have access to the remote computer without the customer or client has to go through the process of connecting the PC.

The client has to set up only the first time and because of unattended access, the tech support can have a streamlined workflow session.

Multi-Window Control: Multi-window control allows controlling more than one remote desktop simultaneously. You can directly transfer files from one remote computer to another remote computer easily.

This feature is available on almost all the premium remote desktop features.

Built-In Chat: Built-In chat lets both users at both ends communicate effectively without any misunderstanding. As the process of doing the remote work is going on, both parties can use the built-in chat feature to talk through each step of the process.

File & Clipboard Transfer: This feature allows easy file transfer to the remote desktop. The clipboard makes easy copy and pasting of any script or code needed to be pasted in the other computer.

Multi-Session Handling: You can handle multiple sessions within remote desktop software to perform a task most efficiently. High-quality multi-session handling is a must enterprise needed to resolve many things in a limited period.

What Does Remote Desktop Software Cost?

Remote Desktop Software can cost anywhere from $10 to $500. Since there are plenty of options available for low range as well as premium range.

Each remote desktop software generally also have plans tiers with different sets of features. Customers can select which plan of a particular remote access tool fulfil their requirements.

You can check all the remote desktop software mentioned above and see the prices for yourself. If you find a remote access tool that fits your needs and does not hurt your bank then you should go for it.

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