Best Online Proofreading & Editing Tools (Free & Paid) in 2023 for Error-Free Writing

It’s critical. Providing value is not enough.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned writer, the clarity in your writing is your sword.

The more smoothly you express your ideas without the interruption of grammar errors and cliches, the more likely you would attract new readers.

I mean, yeah, you can still convey your message without worrying about perfecting your writing, but the more error-free your writing would be, the more professional you will look.

Like the saying, “morning shows the day,” your proofreading skills are the mirror of your identity and responsibility towards your audience.

But, there is a problem. Most of us can’t get the idea of where we should start our proofreading. And how to make the process less turbulent?

The answer to all these queries is going to vanish today. This is because we will represent eight excellent online tools to proofread your content with ease and comfort. So without further ado, let’s dig deeper.

Top 8 Online Proofreading & Editing Tools (Free & Paid) That Will Save You Time

If you are somewhere like me — who thinks proofreading is the most daunting part of the writing process — you would love to use these tools.

Here we have compiled the eight best online proofreading tools. This list incorporates both free and paid tools. Thus, it’s suitable for everyone who wants to improve their content.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular proofreading tool with a lot of features. It comes for every other device.

For example, you can download the desktop version, you can add it as a chrome extension, you can directly use their software online, or even inside Microsoft word or google docs integration. For the phone version, you will get their keyboard.

It’s a minimalist AI tool that helps you to detect correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery. These four things are supercritical if you want to create great content.

If you have enabled the Grammarly chrome extension, you don’t have to worry about writing on other platforms. That’s because wherever you write, it will show you the errors and help you remove mistakes and inconsistencies.

You can log in to their online app for regular use and either copy-paste your content and start editing there or upload your document from your storage.

The best thing I feel about Grammarly is you don’t have to worry about the formatting of your content. You can upload it as it is, and Grammarly won’t disturb your arrangement.

With Grammarly, you can set goals like who your audience is, what tone you want your content to be, your intent with the content, and the context of writing (academic, business, etc.).

With the premium version, you will get an advanced level of suggestion, especially regarding clarity. It will show you passive sentences, wordy sentences, fragmented sentences, or modifiers. As per the suggestions, you can consider removing or modifying the words and sentences.

Further, it has its plagiarism checker. If you are scribbling for the web, then Grammarly is your full-proof proofreading solution.


With the free plan, you will get spelling, grammar, and punctuation suggestions.

With the premium and business plan, you will get everything in the FREE program and other features like consistency in spelling and punctuation, fluency, conciseness, clarity-focused sentence rewrites, formatting, vocabulary, sentence variety, and tone. It will cost you $12/month for the annual plan, which is $30/month if you choose the monthly plan.

With the business plan, you can add your style guide, 3+ users with individual accounts, brand tones, email support, snippets, analytic dashboard, etc. It will cost you $12.50 per member per month.

2. ProWritingAid

Prowritingaid is a powerful alternative to Grammarly. And it has almost similar features as the previous tool.

Prowritingaid AI tool helps you improve your writing with multiple problems like grammar, readability, spelling, etc.

Beyond grammar, their advanced tool helps you eradicate problems regarding style, over usage of words, adverb over-dependency, sentence structure, passive voice, clichés, vocabulary, Thesaurus, and plagiarism.

Not just suggesting the problem, it also offers you concise and robust words with the correct tense form.

And best of all — just like Grammarly — it’s integrated with other software such as MS Word, Google Docs, Open Office, Scrivener. Further, you can add this as an extension to Google chrome, edge, firefox, safari, and take advantage of editing and proofreading in any online word processor (or website) of your choice.

Also, it provides you with graphs and charts to visualize problems in your writing. And you can set your writing goals as per your style guide provided by the company or university.


Prowritingaid comes with monthly pricing of $20, which is lesser than Grammarly.

If you want to save money on a proofreading tool, you can go for the annual plan, where you will obtain the tool at $79, which is 67% saving.

Otherwise, you can purchase the tool for $399 for a lifetime with all the future updates. Isn’t it indeed a time and money-saving deal?

3. WhiteSmoke

Whitesmoke is an all-in-one English writing solution with features to detect grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style.

It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to detect hidden errors in content. It helps users to increase efficiency through its user experience and layout.

With the style checker, you can avoid monotony and switching tenses. With the grammar and punctuation checker, you can fix incomplete sentences, fragments, run-on sentences, tense shifts, Capitalization, Double negatives, misspelling, punctuation errors, subject-verb disagreement, Dangling modifiers, comma splice, missing words, Object clauses, and fused sentences.

Whitesmoke is used by several writers, students, and other professionals, and they have a remarkable experience with it.


With WhiteSmoke online proofreading software, you will see three pricing plans: Web, premium, and business.

In the web plan, you will get compatibility with all browsers for grammar, plagiarism, and translation. It will cost you only $5/month (at a 50% discount) if you purchase now.

With the premium and business plans, you will get additional integration with MS Office, Gmail, all browsers, and Windows 7,8, and 10. Further, you will get a one-click instant proofreading 1-computer license for the premium plan. And with the business one, some advanced features like a 3-computer license, phone customer support, and download warranty will be provided. You can avail of the premium plan for $6.66/month with annual billing. On the other hand, the business plan will cost you $137.95 annually.

4. Ginger Software

Ginger software is yet another powerful online proofreading tool. It’s minimal, like Grammarly, and trusted by 8 million users.

It also comes with integrations in almost all browsers and devices. You can unite it to chrome, safari, or edge and access the grammar and style checker in medium, Twitter, Gmail, or any other online writing platform. Further, you can download its MS word add-in or desktop and mobile app for easy proofreading.

With the ginger online software, you can correct multiple writing mistakes in one go. It will assist you in fixing clarity through an unlimited paraphrasing option. Further, you can translate your writing into 40+ languages.


It’s FREE to use with limited grammar and other writing issues.

You will get unlimited AI-powered corrections, definitions, synonyms, sentence rephrasing, and translation features in the premium plan. Ginger software will cost you $19.99/month in case of monthly billing and $12.48 and $9.99 per month for annual and biannual billing, respectively.

5. PaperRater

Like all other online proofreading software, the paper rater is another AI-based Free online tool to detect writing errors. However, it comes with a powerful plagiarism checker.

It analyzes your writing and, after a scan, provides suggestions regarding plagiarism, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

It provides you with an automated score based on vocabulary usage, sentence length and variability, passive voice detection, sentence beginning, stats on readability, and phrases to avoid.

The paper rater plagiarism checker works well to show the percentage of originality of an article. The analysis provides you with the sources that match your writing and recommend change.

Further, it detects the style. It shows how many transitional words you have used and how the sentences are framed and sound. It also gives you a complete readability score based on different measurement tools.


Paper rater comes with a Basic Free plan. Anyone can submit five pages per submission, 10 Plagiarism checking quotas per month, grammar and spelling checks, writing suggestions, and automated scoring.

With the premium pricing at $11.21 per month, you will get many other exclusive benefits.

6. Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing is an online proofreading software available for FREE. It is a software from After The Deadline and came with other great plugins like a jetpack.

If you activate the jetpack plugin in your WordPress, you will get your grammar, punctuation, style, and other types of writing errors checked within minutes. It shows you the suggestions through marking in red underlines.

You can polish your writing super easily by visiting its official website and entering your text into the white box. Then click on check writing, and you are done.


It’s available for free online.

7. Slick Write

Slick write is a no-expense alternative to Grammarly and helps you detect minute to significant writing errors. It’s for everyone starting from a blogger to a University student.

With this software, you will get recommendations on grammar, spelling, and styling errors like sentence structure and vocabulary. Feedbacks you will receive are constructive to improve your write-ups.

Furthermore, you can edit or proofread your content with slick writing without worrying about data privacy with the site’s security features.


It’s another Free online proofreading software with no premium plans.

8. Hemingway App

The best proofreading website I feel is the Hemingway app. If you are a copywriter or have goals to persuade your readers and customers, the Hemingway app is your top priority.

When you paste your content to the Hemingway app website, you will get suggestions like long sentences, medium sentences, adverb uses, the alternative to complex words, and passive voice usage.

Overall, it will show you the readability grade and recommend keeping the readability up to 9. The readability goal is highly dependent on your aim of writing and who your audience is.

Even if you use other grammar and punctuation checking software, I recommend running your content through the Hemingway app once.

You can see the hard-to-read sentences highlighted in red and yellow. Removing adverbs and adding strong verbs could make your writing more vivid.

After removing or changing hard-to-read sentences and complex words, your article will provide a consistent flow with a sparkle.


It’s a FREE Online software with lots of lucrative features.

Why is It Important to Proofread Your Content?

Many of you might also have a dilemma: why is it important to proofread your content? Here you have seven reasons to consider proofreading your content right now!

Proofreading makes your writing error-free

You catch and remove different grammar, style, and sentence errors whenever you edit and proofread your content. For this purpose, you can either use any of these tools or perform a spell-check through the standard Microsoft word or google docs.

And the more your content will become error-free, the more admirers you will get.

Proofreading creates a hypnotic flow

I get it. Writing is a process of putting forward your thoughts on the topic with the evidence and other research materials. That time you only focus on pouring your thoughts. And sometimes, this breaks the flow.

To maintain a flow between paragraphs and sentences, all you have to do is proofread your content and see how you can add transition words for smooth gliding.

Proofreading helps you to express your ideas clearly

Let me ask you a question. Which content would represent the ideas clearly? The one with lots of errors or content that’s error-free?

You answered the second one. And that’s the reason you should always consider proofing your content before hitting the publish button.

Proofreading removes from your writing

Now. We all know that the first draft always comes out as a shitty piece with many clutters. Clutters mean unnecessary words and sentences that have little sense.

Such things create confusion among the readers, and the readers lose interest.

Proofreading makes your writing more persuasive

Are you learning psychology to hook your readers? Well, that’s copywriting. And you know, for making your writing more persuasive that you can make your audience say something loud like “aha!” “I want this” “This is what I was looking for.”

But, if you represent your content without editing or proofreading, would they stay hooked to the point where you have added juices?

Proofreading helps you to choose strong words

Along with errors and clutters, proofreading helps you decide if a word fits perfectly in the context.

Well, choosing the right words (power words and sensory words) could make your sentences and paragraphs super crispy and tasty to read and read and read till the end.

Proofreading adds authority to your writing

Lastly, you should proofread your content because you don’t want to repel your customers through error-full paragraphs and wrong information.

People believe in those with solid command over their writing. In their psychology, you become an authority. And cutting out all the garbage and carving beautiful content can only be possible through proofreading.

FAQs on Online Proofreading Tools

What is a proofreading tool?

A proofreading tool is an online (mostly) software that allows you to detect different types of errors. It helps you follow a style guide and keep the language consistent throughout your content. Further, it lets you know about the readability level and detects spelling problems.

What is the best proofreading software?

In my opinion and experience, Grammarly is the best software that helps writers remove all the grammar, style, paragraph, and word-related errors. It’s FREE for basic grammar and spell check and suitable for everyone. However, consider taking the pro version to improve your content.

What is the best proofreading website?

I’d prefer and recommend the Hemingway app as the best proofreading website. If you are willing to make your writing more persuasive and increase its readability level to make it suitable to read for everyone, consider editing your content with the Hemingway app.

Conclusion about Online Proofreading Tools

After using all the proofreading tools, my most preferable software are Grammarly, Prowritingaid, and Hemmingway app.

Others are good in some other way that you can’t find in these three. And that’s the motto of our today’s article: to provide you with a handful of options so that you can use one at a particular time.

Even if the errors detection and suggestions are worthwhile and supercritical to save tons of time on content creation, you should still consider the traditional way of editing and proofreading writings.

Sometimes, even after editing with these tools, some errors remain. Thus, it’s recommended to consider another pair of eyes to remove undetectable issues from your writing.

With that, some mistakes are only grasped by human eyes that AI tools can’t, so you shouldn’t entirely rely on these tools for high-quality content.

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