How to Increase Blog Traffic

Having constant traffic into your blog does not only make you earn money through blogging, but it also opens up a lot more opportunities for you.

Whether it is a sponsorship deal, collaboration, exclusive book deal, client’s project, getting traffic to your blog can flourish your career as a writer.

So today we have curated proven strategies to increase your blog’s traffic. These strategies are followed by all established bloggers on the internet. Even some high authority domains are still following these strategies to gain millions of traffic monthly.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or expert in blogging, implementing these strategies will get you lots of traffic to your blog.

12 Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

1. Do Your Keyword Research

Handful of tools and strategies can be used to get keywords for your blogs.

It is important to search for all sorts of high ranking keywords which you can use to rank your keywords.

Popular keywords for a specific topic are good but it is very hard for small websites to use those keywords to get a high ranking on Google.

There is a mine of keywords under the main primary keywords and this is where a blogger can search for under-the-radar keywords.

Under-the-radar keywords are in the lower spectrum to be in most keyword research tools but they are still relevant and searched. These keywords are ultra-long tail keywords and it is like a gold mine for bloggers who wants to have an extra edge for keywords ranking effectiveness.

Being a guerrilla keyword researcher allows your website to rank on the first page. If your blog has a page rank then using ultra-long tails can do wonders for your blog post.

You can use the Google keyword tool and to find variations of long-tail keywords and their search volumes.

2. Create Comprehensive and Useful Content

We all know that content is king. It can single-handedly attract readers and make them stay on the website.

As a content writer or a blogger, you need to understand what your potential readers are looking for. Make content that solves their problem most efficiently and effectively.

The reader only cares about whether your content has the solution for their problem or confusion.

Depending on the topic, your content can be long or short but you have to make sure that the content is engaging and comprehensive.

Write the solution for your readers and write some parts that can help them resolve another potential issue they might face.

If you are a blogger who can listen to what the reader wants and write content accordingly, you will get more readers and subscribers.

It takes time to become a great blogger but with proper research and consistent work, any blogger can serve purposefully to their readers.

One of the easiest ways to do know what the readers are looking for, simply to Google the term. The results shown on the first page are enough for you to curate great content.

You can also look at “people also ask” which shows related questions readers are asking or searching.

3. Write a Catchy Headline

Don’t judge the book by its cover” we have all heard this phrase but in practical terms, many readers decide to not read the book because the cover did not appeal to them.

Similarly, a blog title can make your reader decide whether they want to read the blog or just click off. If you have a mediocre or poor title for your blog then the reader will not even bother the reader the first few lines of the blog.

So if you want to make your reader stick to your blog post then you have come with catchy and wonderful ideas for your titles and headlines.

In certain niches, having a catchy headline is key. When you are creating a headline, you need to realize what is at stake. The first impression is the last. The first impression includes your blog headline.

Research about the topic you are writing and see what type of headlines other bloggers are using.

Rephrase the headline of those bloggers creatively and uniquely to ensure your reader that the blog is exactly what they are looking for.

4. Make a Fast Loading Blog

Since there are an endless amount of blogs written on the same topic, readers have so many choices to read.

You can make a world-class content and website which can attract any customer or reader but if it is not a fast loading blog then you can lose a lot of readers.

Not having a fast loading website will make your readers click away as soon as they see that loading circle.

To put in numbers, a blog that takes more than 3 seconds to load completely is considered a slow loading blog. Each second costs you, valuable visitors.

Tools like Google’s PageSpeed Insight can help you evaluate and analyze how much time your blogs are taking to load completely. You can then optimize your blog accordingly with the help of the insights.

Uncluttering the home page can increase the loading speed because there are lesser things to load right away. You use expandable post summaries to optimize your blog even more.

Clean up widgets, unnecessary HTML/Java scripts, Third-party gadgets to have a faster loading blog.

5. Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines

Creating an astonishing blog with amazing content is a step ahead in the right direction however that is not enough.

You need to have a presence on the internet. You need readers to click on your website through organic search engines.

To get traffic from search engines, you have to make your blogs optimize for SEO.

Having SEO friendly blogs can do wonders for your blog and your business. Readers and web hunters can find your website from all over the place.

Targeted Keywords are one of the best ways to optimize your blogs and websites. These keywords are used by readers when they use a search engine.

So if your targeted keywords and phrases match the keywords used by readers then your blog/website will rank higher.

Keyword Research tools are an excellent way to figure out the primary keywords, secondary keywords with short and long-tail keywords.

After putting the keywords in your blog in a judicious manner it will optimize your On-page SEO.

6. Build an Email List

Email lists are important for your readers or customers to keep coming to your blogs.

It is highly recommended that a blogger should have a full fledge landing page where there are email signups, home pages as well other blogs that the blogger have published.

Of course, a blogger would need an email marketing service, that’s how all these things work.

A person will not manually send an email to each reader since that is time-consuming as well as crazy. Automated tools for email marketing services will cover all the email sending parts for the blogger.

Emails are an effective way to connect to your readers and gain insights into their activities inside your website.

With such services, you will know valuable information like open rates, bounce rates, spam rates, CTR and Unsubscribe.

You can use popular tools like Constant Contact, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and MailChimp.

If you are already using an email marketing of your choice, that is completely okay.

Create opt-ins through your landing page for email signs ups forms. It is easy to create these forms through the tools provided by email software.

Generate a shortcode of the form which you can simply embed on your website.

Viewers can sign up for newsletters via this shortcode form embedded in your home page or any other page.

7. Build Backlinks to Your Posts

Building backlinks are not the same as it was a couple of years ago.

Nowadays you have to have backlinks for quality websites for google to rank your site higher. This is why bloggers are specifically looking to get backlinks from high authoritative blogs by creating a guest post for them.

Spamming links to any other websites will not have much positive effect on your website anymore. Such backlinks may not be suitable for your websites.

Blogger Outreach is a great way to build high-quality backlinks. You can simply create content which the blogger you contact can use to improve his citations and sources.

You can also use tools like Ninja Outreach to automate outreach and be efficient with the time you take for blogger outreach.

Create clear and engaging content because journalists and bloggers are always looking for great content to use on their sites.

Make data/reports in the form of blogs and you will get more backlinks. Data/reports have a high chance of getting backlinks for obvious reasons.

Creating free tools can generate more backlinks. Blogs with the same niche where readers can use the tool that you embed on your site can build lots of backlinks.

8. Promote Your Content in the Social World

Promoting your content in the social world is the most affordable way to gain more readers.

Social media is highly relevant for all types of promotions including blog promotion. You can make viral content that reaches hundreds of thousands of impressions which make a huge difference in your blog’s performance.

Social media posts are sharable with just a few steps. If you have an appealing post then your audience will share it with their friends and groups without you having to tell them to share it.

You just have to find a way to make your audience redirect to your blog via link sharing.

One of the best ways is to create a questionnaire that directs your audience to be curious and have ideas. This will make them more engaging and prompt them to enter your blog.

Learn about your audience and target them. Make a creative yet helpful post that makes your readers also read the original blog post that you have on your website.

9. Improve Your Internal Link Strategy

Internal links are those links that link one page to another page of the same domain.

Internal links are usually in the form of the hyperlink and clicking on that hyperlink will redirect the reader to a different page of the same domain.

Yes, you are already navigating through links inside of the website but internal links are present in the content between sentences and data.

Internal linking benefits your funnels whether you have an e-commerce site or an affiliate site or just a normal blog.

Linking one page to another passes the authority which optimizes the page’s SEO.

Sometimes, not everything related to a particular topic can be covered in a single article. This is where you make other aspects of that topic in a different article and link each other as internal links.

This will allow users to get access to quality and relevant articles when they are reading a specific article.

Conversion optimization is another benefit of internal linking where it prompts the visitors to take action as calls-to-action.

10. Write Guest Posts

Blogs are of different kinds and tiers. Some bloggers make blogs on a beginner level and their high authoritative blogs where many quality readers spent their time regularly.

A beginner who has zero to few readers on his blogs can make a quality guest post for authoritative blogs to get more backlinks and subscribers.

If you are a blogger who believes that you can write an excellent blog for an authoritative website then you can request to write a blog for their website.

There are many benefits that you can get if your blog is located in authoritative blogs.

The number one benefit of making a guest post is that you will gain organic readers from the authoritative blog.

You will get backlinks from a high traffic high authoritative domain. Your subscribers will increase.

Google will acknowledge the surge in visitors to your websites through backlinks and it will rank up your website in the search engines.

When you search for a high authoritative domain, it is important to make a guest post for authoritative blogs which are in the same niche as you.

11. Respond to Each Blog Comment

All high-quality bloggers have a great response rate. It is important to respond to the readers who comment on your blogs.

Whether it is a compliment about your blog or constructive criticism, a blogger should reply to each blog comment.

Do not respond like an AI or a robot where you just reply with one word.

Respond to those comments in a human manner because when those readers will read your reply, they will feel more connected to you and your blog.

This also raises the chance of your readers to keep coming back to your blog and comment whenever they read a blog you posted.

Your blog will be more optimized and rank higher since your blog has more engagement.

You can also comment on other bloggers’ posts and there is a high chance that those bloggers will also start commenting on your blogs resulting in more readers.

12. Add Visuals to Your Content

Creating content is the greatest contribution to growing your online business. People like to get to know the company and 68% of the total internet users do that by reading their content.

However, content should not be limited to just amazingly written text. Having visual content can attract and retain a lot of readers to your site.

It has its own way of enhancing your blogs and content. Your marketing campaign will become more engaging for potential readers. This will automatically improve your blog performances and traffic to your website.

According to sources, over 38% of marketers claims that blogging is the most effective way of content marketing.

The second is visual content as 37% of content marketers finds it very effective for the content marketing business.

Now it is up to the niche you are blogging on and finding the right balance with blogging and making visual content strategy.


Making astonishing content takes time and any content writer’s time is just as valuable as his earnings. Making a great blog does not only take research and outlining the content.

A blogger takes a lot of factors mentioned above into consideration mind when making a blog. It is crucial to maximize your blog’s traffic and exposure through these tried and tested ways to increase traffic in your blog.

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