How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2023

There are millions of websites on the internet and each website follows various practices to rank up its search rankings. There is a comprehensive field of search rankings and SEO that helps websites improve their rank and get more traffic.

In the midst of all this, is backlink which plays a major role in building connections and improve the overall performance of your website on the internet.

All websites about a particular topic can’t be on the first page of search rankings. So how does your website can hold itself up and overtake its competitors, one of the ways you can do it is through quality backlinks.

So breeze through the article about backlinks and learn how to get quality backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are a link present in a website which leads to another website.

Backlinks are used by the author or publisher of the website to back up his information with a source. These sources usually lead or linked to another website and that website can consider that link as a backlink.

Backlinks are also known as inbound links, incoming links, and one-way links. Major search engines like google consider backlinks as “votes” as these votes have a higher chance of ranking up in organic google search.

Suppose you wrote a remarkable article about a topic and if a popular site uses your article as a backlink then your website will automatically perform much better than other websites without you having to do anything.

It is like websites are giving your website votes and each vote has a significant role in growing your traffic from organic google searches. So it is very important to make good quality content with an excellent choice of keywords.

Search engine algorithm works in your favor if you use links and it is a common practice done on websites. Google’s original algorithm was also formed with backlinks and is known as “PageRank”.

Why Does Backlink Quality Matter for SEO?

There is an ongoing debate about whether SEO works better on quality backlinks or quantity of backlinks. Well, right off the bat, let me tell you that quality backlink is the reason why some websites are growing massively.

However, there is some advantage to focusing on the quantity of backlinks. Many small websites are more benefited from getting large quantity backlinks rather than focusing relentlessly on a quality backlink.

On the other hand, quality backlinks can help you grow organic search rankings and overall search engine optimization. Before we discuss how backlink quality matters for SEO. Let’s talk about what is Quality Backlink.

Quality Backlink refers to those backlinks you get from high-domain authority websites. These websites are trusted by Google search engines. Google SEO attracts such links thus it gets a higher search ranking.

So your website SEO grows massively if your site gets a backlink from multiple high domain authority websites. If the website that backlink your website has a ranking of 60 to 100 in the website authority checker, then those websites can be considered as high domain authority sites.

How (The 7 Smart Ways) to Get High Quality Backlinks for SEO?

We all know that google’s crawlers search for the higher authority, well-optimized, and often the most popular referring domains. Moreover, relevance is also important than getting backlinks from a higher authority.

For example, you have a health website, and recently you get two backlinks from idreamcareer and Healthline. Which one will be more powerful? Yes, the most relevant one, that is from the Healthline.

So, before you start link building, you must keep an eye on how relevant that website is to your content and their authority value. Now let’s know the best techniques to generate high-quality backlinks.

1. Create In-Depth, Remarkable Content

Making engaging and in-depth content maximizes your website’s potential in terms of generating traffic and getting backlinks.

If you don’t have informative and relevant content then no business and forums will link your website. You need to be as competent as your rivals or even better at making content to get more backlinks.

You can figure out your areas of weakness when it comes to making remarkable content and works directly upon it.

Use quality images and have a higher word count in your blog post as it significantly improves the overall quality of your website. On a comparatively small word count blogs, make sure that you use words that matter.

Create a catchy and compelling title for your blog along with a title tag and meta description.

2. Broken Link Building

Broken Link building is one of the uncommon but effective ways of generating backlinks if done right. This technique can be used to get an upper hand over their competitor.

Broken link building involves findings of broken links that have 404 errors and similar types of errors. You can find these types of errors with the help of a google chrome extension called Check My Links.

When you find such an error, you can inform the blogger about the error and they might reward you with using your link as a backlink.

Bloggers use links of other third-party websites as sources and often the link could be broken and the website contains false information.

You can find these issues on websites and use webmaster to inform you about the error. Give them a correct link to one of your sites and if they approve of your link then they will replace that broken link with your link.

You can get as many backlinks as possible if you have the correct resources.

3. Resource Page Link Building

Resource Page link building as the name suggests is a method that involves building backlinks from external resource pages.

The resource page containing many backlinks improves the overall performance of their website. So it makes their website a lot better with a resource page.

These resource pages are made to provide remarkable content from other websites. So if you have a legitimate source that fits the criteria of being on a resource page of a site then it will not be super hard for you to get backlinks from the resource page.

Many websites have a “suggest a resource” page that allows you to pitch your source to their content and sometimes bloggers can directly mail and ask you to use your source link on their resource page.

4. USE HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Getting backlinks makes your website rank higher on google. HARO allows its users to get backlinks from news sites and well-established blogs.

HARO is an online service platform where journalists and news sites can get resources to back up their reports and your content be those resources as backlinks.

It is not a hard way to get backlinks if you have proper resources. You just need to visit HARO. Register yourself as a source and choose an appropriate plan.

Become the one that provides sources and check the index to see requests where you can contribute. Now give a valuable pitch to the journalist or blogger.

Journalists and bloggers can give your source backlinks and it helps your site get exposure.

HARO is like a platform for Public relations and using HARO is a great way to generate white-hat backlinks and your site can get backlinks from mega news sites.

5. Link Reclamation (Unlinked Brand Mention)

Sometimes some websites will mention your brand or site in their article or blog without linking your site to it. This is known as unlinked brand mention.

You can get backlinks by requesting these sites to link your website where they have mentioned the name of your brand. But the main question is how do you find these websites where you have unlinked brand mention?

Getting backlinks from unlinked brand mention is a lot easier since the site that mentioned your brand name already trusted it to some extent that he mentioned the name.

The process of getting them to link your website needs a little effort of contacting them and you will get backlinks in no time.

There are online platforms like ‘Content Explorer” which can help you find keywords that have been used. Content Explorer has a database of over 1 billion sites so you will find unlinked brand mentions.

6. Spy on Your Competitors

Spying on your competitors does not only mean you search on which website your competitors are getting backlinks. It also means that you need to know when your competitor’s brand name is mentioned on the internet.

Apart from backlinks, mentions also help out sites a lot more than you think. Whether it is on social media, a forum, or a website, they will get an exponential amount of exposure.

If you’re the first one to help and offer a solution to a client’s question before your competitors, then chances are that you will have an impactful positive connection with that client.

He might also backlink your site on his website.

Being able to be the first one to answer questions, you improve your chances of getting clients, business, and backlinks.

You can monitor websites and alerts for your keywords which will help you find clients who might need your help and you can help them with your resources.

7. Create Infographics

Creating infographics is one of the most effective ways of building backlinks. The highly sharable infographic content allows users to use your resource and give you backlinks for high-quality infographics.

It allows large-scale publications to bring high sales and traffic to their website. It is used in both large-scale and small-scale business sites.

You can either use Fiverr or Dribble to hire people who can make an infographic for you. After making the infographic, you can submit it to infographic directories.

You can even reach out to people on Twitter who have shared a similar type of infographic as yours, if they like your infographics then he can use your infographics in his site and gives backlinks.


Getting quality backlinks is not easy since you need to provide quality content in the first place. It takes time to have enough talent and knowledge for you to make quality content for your website.

If you continue to be patient while constantly creating remarkable content then you will get quality backlinks from high domain authority sites.

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