Best Shared Web Hosting Service Providers for 2023

Shared web hosting is easily the first choice of beginners and small businesses when choosing a web hosting service.

The features and services shared web hosting provides are truly incomparable. This pocket-friendly and effective web hosting service has a lot of things to offer to its users. More importantly, there are various choices available in shared web hosting itself.

So today let’s talk about the best shared web hosting service providers.

The 5 Best Shared Web Hosting Service Providers of 2023

Have a brief look at our 5 best shared web hosting services before you decide to go for any web hosting without much knowledge about it.

1. Bluehost – Best Shared Hosting

Bluehost is one of the best-shared web hosting services for beginners if not the best. With a budget-friendly monthly fee and 24/7 support, you can squeeze out a lot of value for the price.

Bluehost support WordPress managed to host with just one click so that the blogger does not have to go through creating everything from the scratch. Any blogger can make an amazing website with comprehensive WordPress features and shared web hosting services of Bluehost.

Bluehost is liked by many bloggers and first-time website owners because you can make a functioning website without having a proficient knowledge of coding and web development.

It is a highly recommended piece of web hosting service by many experts across the industry.

Bluehost offers four plans which you can take by paying the amount. Since Bluehost is also scalable, you can upgrade your plan in the future when you feel like securing your website domain and security.

Most beginners go for the basic plan which is sufficient in most cases but if you can go one up and opt for the plus plan then it could be more worth it. Unlimited websites and domains help you expand your business reach which is not possible with the basic plan since it does not include unlimited website and domain.

The basic plan starts at $2.95/mo and the pricing goes up to $13.95/mo for the pro plan.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger has the cheapest monthly rate in shared web hosting space so it is a perfect choice for people who are on a tight budget. Even its most expensive plan starts at $3.99/mo.

These rock bottom prices come with a catch and it is that they are promotional rates which jump to $2.99/mo which is still an inexpensive rate.

These promotional prices are active for 48 months if you sign up for them. The discounts you get are completely beneficial and even when you renew the plan, the rates are still cheaper than Hostinger’s competitors.

Hostinger offers an amazing site uptime. The web hosting claims to have 99.9% uptime with fast site load speed.

The cheapest monthly plan that is single shared hosting offers 1 website which has 30 GB SSD storage, 100 GB bandwidth with a limit of 10,000 monthly visitors. This is not a bad set of numbers for operating a single website considering the amount you are paying for it.

In addition to all single shared hosting features, you also get 2 databases.

The business shared hosting which is the most premium plan of Hostinger, has all features to operate a high domain authority. You get 100 websites, a million monthly visitors limit, free domain, unlimited databases, daily backups, 200 GB SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

Hostinger also has a “premium Shared Hosting” plan which is the middle plan that has slightly fewer features than the “Business Shared Hosting” plan.

Every Hostinger plan comes with managed WordPress installation which is a great deal if WordPress is your CMS of choice.

3. A2 Hosting

If you can stretch your budget and if site speed time is your priority then A2 Hosting is for you. A2 Hosting is known for its site loading site which is far better than its competitors.

A2 Hosting has powerful servers that have the computing power to deliver requested data at a significantly fast speed. Your audience won’t have to deal with any slow-loading pages with A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting offers various plans and the site loading speed also varies with each plan. So if you want a fast loading speed of your website then your Turbo Plans are for you.

There are two Turbo Plans and you can choose either one of them to have excellent speed. The prices of Turbo Plan also increases after renewal but when compared to other high-end premium plans of other hosting services, it does seem like a really good deal.

The regular price will reach $20.99/mo but you are getting the value for this price. The best part is that you are getting the same value on promotional prices.

You also get free site migration on all available plans of A2 Hostings. Other features which are present in all exclusive plans are excellent customer support and free site migration.

4. HostGator

Hostgator provides all the bells and whistles you need to create an e-commerce site. If you are looking for an e-commerce store to build your business then Hostgator also offers $150 Google Ads credit which you can use for a great start to market your products or services.

Since e-commerce stores need constant customization, Hostgator also provides cPanel access which you can use to install plugins and makes changes according to your needs.

HostGator offers various plans for its customer, three to be specific. The most basic plan which is the Hatchling plan lacks unlimited domains while the Baby plan and Business plan both have an unlimited domain.

The Business plan has the most features but it also comes at a premium price. You get a free upgrade to positive SSL, free SEO tools, and dedicated IP. The business plan starts at $5.25/mo which is inexpensive considering the value it provides.

Sales are happening now and then on Hostgator so the price can become even lower than what it is right now.

I will recommend that you get a Business plan if you have decided to go for Hostgator.

5. DreamHost

Dreamhost is another great value-for-money web hosting service. It is a well-rounded web hosting service for all purposes.

DreamHost has a reasonable price starting at $5.99/mo. Although it is not the cheapest price available on this list, you can get plans on Dreamhost without signing a contract. Other web hosting offers promotional prices but you have to commit to them for years.

There are no restrictions on the amount of traffic your site can generate in a month. Your site won’t stop operating and it will not get charged for excessive traffic into your site.

Dreamhost provides services other than shared hosting so if you want to shift or upgrade in the future, you can easily switch to their VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and managed WordPress hosting.

Dream host has a great user interface which makes users easily understand how to operate on this hosting service.

There are only two Dreamhost plans available which are more than enough to build websites that are specifically aligned with your wants and needs.

The Shared Starter pack is for new websites you are looking forward to creating but it also has shared unlimited plans for additional features which your domain might need even in its early days.

The Shared Starter plan starts at $2.49/mo while the Shared Unlimited starts plan starts at $5.95/mo.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Web hosting is one of the most used web hosting services types by blog owners and small to medium businesses. Shared Web Hosting can provide a quick and comparatively easier way to create a well-functioning website.

Shared web hosting consists of multiple websites running on a single server. This server can be stored anywhere and has all the data of all the websites dedicated to this particular server.

These websites are assigned to one server that has limited resources for every server so that the sites can run optimally.

Shared web hosting services have a risk of requesting lots of resources from one website. Since resources are limited and one server is partitioned to host other websites as well, it can create havoc in transferring data and leads to crashes and server down issues unless you upgrade your resources.

This is the reason why shared web hosting is popular among small or medium businesses that do need powerful servers to host their websites yet.

Shared Web Hosting is cheap and apart from the risk factor, this web hosting has, it is very effective in making your website up and running in a short period.

How to Choose the Best Shared Web Hosting Service?

The truth is, there is no shared web hosting service that is the best for every person. There are many great shared web hosting services and the best-shared web hosting for you might not be the same for the other person.

Since there are different purposes why web hosting services are used for. It is important to understand that there are millions of websites for hundreds of thousands of reasons. So it is obvious that the web hosting service they opt for may differ.

Having said that, there are some factors which you always need to keep in mind no matter what type of websites you are creating. It does not matter whether it is for a small scale or a large scale.

When choosing the best-shared web hosting service there are some factors which you need to consider:


Uptime is when your website stays online and function properly even in uncalled circumstances like a spike in traffic. You need to have a reliable uptime that can stay active when there is a sudden increase in your visitors and traffic.

If your website uptime is weak then your website may crash when you have loads of traffic into your site. You won’t be able to grow your business and make any money from your site since your website is down.

Loading Speed

Fast loading speed of a website can bring in lots of readers regularly. Since there are countless amount of websites that have just as good content as yours, you have to make sure that your site loads quickly when clicked.

Otherwise, you can lose readers if they have to unconventionally wait for your site to load up.


Prices of web hosting services can be viewed in a very different way among a tight budget individual or a high domain authority. People who do not have a tight budget can ignore this factor and go for the best features available regardless of what the rates are.

For people with tight budgets who are looking for a shared web hosting service, you need to compare every web hosting service with its price to performance ratio. By putting a little bit of thought into the price, you can easily get the best bank for your buck.

So these are the pillars that you need to look at before purchasing a plan for a web hosting service.

Shared Web Hosting FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions that can look to find out more about shared web hosting services.

Which shared web hosting is best for beginners?

If you are an absolute beginner then our choice for the best-shared web hosting services are Bluehost and HostGator. You can go for Bluehost because it has WordPress CMS and on top of that, it has 24/7 tech support to help you figure out any technical issue you are having with your website hosted by Bluehost.
HostGator has an impressive promotional rate for their first-time customers. You can make a proper website with managed WordPress hosting that takes care of all the backend website managing.

Is shared hosting good?

Shared hosting is by far the most popular hosting service among small businesses especially if those businesses are WordPress users. You help you grow your business and presence on the internet without having to invest a lot of money in it.
It keeps your data safe and secure from malware and viruses. You can upgrade resources if your current server cannot handle the resources. You can operate multiple websites with just one server.
Shared hosting is scalable and many companies provide many plans according to your requirements. So in short if you want to know if shared hosting is good or not. The answer is that it is a very good web hosting service.

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