How to Make Money Blogging (for beginners)

You’ve researched all about blogging. Known a few techniques to promote as a newbie.

Now, what?

You’re stuck with a question. How much money can I earn from blogging? Or is it a legit source of income or not? Or, what are the ways to make a good living out of blogging?

If this is your case, I want to give you examples of the most prolific bloggers.

Neil Patel has disclosed his monthly earnings in his post, which is enough to blow your mind as a beginner. His income report says he makes $3,81,772 per month. Yes, not a year, per month.

Sounds crazy, right?

Another example is Ryan Robinson – another seasoned blogger who earns $35,218 (March 2021) just from his blog. This is also a huge number to consider.

What I want to convey is you can damn earn a sparkling income out of blogging every month.

As you know, this is a legit method; you should also be aware that genuine sources of earning don’t come as easily. You have to dedicate yourself to making it work for you.


You’re going to grasp it today. So, let’s delve right in!

How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners?

Most people think the only way to earn through blogging is through either affiliate marketing or advertisements. But, don’t. There are multiple ways you can start your hustle at full speed.

However, if diving deeper into the various methods, I want to tell you the process.

Choose the Right Blogging Niche (A Profitable One)

Choosing a niche is important as it shows your level of expertise on that. There are other reasons why a blogging niche is important. But, all you need to find is a profitable one.

Brainstorm the ideas you’ve regarding choosing a topic for blogging. Then validate with the right questions. And strike through, which doesn’t resonate with your goal. That’s it.

Some common questions for validation are:

  • What is the niche market size?
  • What is your major goal of blogging?
  • How much do you know about the niche?
  • Are you solving the problems people are facing in that niche?
  • How much traffic can you get?
  • Can you make money from this niche?
  • How many competitors are you going to have?

Analyze these questions closely, and you’ll get a clear niche idea.

Set up your blog

The next step is to set up your blog. For setting your blog, you need to follow a few steps:

Choose a blogging platform is the most popular blogging platform. The reason behind this is its flexibility. But you have other free and paid options, too. Everyone has its pros and cons to consider. If you choose wordpress, then follow the next step.

Select a remarkable domain name

For choosing a good domain name, you have to keep a few things in mind.

  • Your domain should reflect your business, so choosing a keyword related to your niche is preferable (but not mandatory).
  • You can brainstorm keywords and join them to find good domain names.
  • Choose the right extension. (.com, .net, .org)
  • Don’t use hard to pronounce words.
  • Shorter domain names work well.
  • Make sure there’s no numbers or symbols.
  • After finding a few ideas, check them on any domain registrar availability checkers.
  • Check out for offers and purchase them.

Choose a hosting service

After choosing a perfect domain name, choose a hosting service. Some points you need to take care of while selecting a hosting service.

  • It should be fast and secure.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Affordable
  • Additional features like free domain, SSL, and Cloudflare support.

Taking these factors into consideration, the blue host is a great option you can prefer. You can save the cost of the domain here.

Install wordpress

Now, as you purchase and connect domain and hosting. Install wordpress.

Design your blog with a pre-made template

WordPress has a huge bundle of themes and templates with drag and drop website builders. You can consider the best free options or the premium themes from sites like Envato market. After selection, customize your blog with the images and fonts you prefer.

Install important plugins

Plugins are addons for additional features. Some important wordpress plugins include Updraftplus for backup, Yoast or Rank math for SEO, Wp rocket or super cache for cache management and speed. Besides, Short pixel or Smush for image optimization, Site kit or Optinmonster for analytics is also important to install.

And Viola! Your blog is ready to show your posts in chronological order.

Writing great content

The next step after setting your blog is writing content. This is a step where 90% of bloggers fail. Writing great content is the best way to improve traffic organically and build your authority naturally.

You can outsource freelance writers for this work or consider learning it from scratch.

The process involves in writing great content is:

  • Create a readers persona
  • Brainstorm ideas and Keyword research
  • Write a attention-grabbing headline
  • Research deeply on the topic finding the content gap
  • Outline
  • Writing a persuasive introduction
  • A captivative body
  • An actionable closing
  • Revision and fact check
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Adding important links, images, videos, or other resources
  • SEO and readability check
  • Final formatting

Boom! Your content is ready to publish.

Promote and grow

If you think you’re content now, then let me tell you one thing. Content creation is just half of the battle. The main results come after the promotion.

There are various ways you can start content promotion:

  • SEO for organic traffic
  • Posting on social media
  • Content repurposing
  • Answering questions on Quora, Reddit and forums
  • Paid advertisements
  • Guest Posting
  • Email marketing

These are the names of a few. You can create your way to market your business as you want.

Begin Monetizing Your Blog and Make Money

After all, now it’s time to get the sweetness of the fruits you’ve grown.

Monetizing your blog is your end goal, and there are various ways you can start earning from your blog.

This takes us to the next point.

9 Proven Ways to Make Money Blogging

How to earn money from blogging? This is your question now.

So, let me show you nine ways to generate a good profit from your blogging business.

1. Affiliate marketing

According to a survey report, about 84% of content creators rely on affiliate marketing for monetization. That means you’ll get a good chance to earn money while sleeping.

Affiliate marketing is a technique in which three types of people get benefits. The first one is the vendor or manufacturer. The second one is the affiliate, and the third one is the consumer itself.

The vendors provide a small commission to the affiliates for reviewing and promoting their products or services. The affiliate gets some passive income for suggesting the products they like. And the consumer or audience gets a clear idea of the best products out there.

This entire system is affiliate marketing.

The market is filled with high-paying affiliate programmes today. You can get an idea of the best affiliate marketing programmes through a simple google search.

Search for “Best affiliate programs + [your niche].”

That’s it.

Common affiliate marketing marketplaces include Amazon associates, Maxbounty, Clickbank, Commission junction, Impact Radius, Shareasale, Awin, etc.

However, you should start affiliate marketing when you have at least 1000-5000 monthly visitors.

2. Advertisements (Direct, native, or ad networks)

There are various forms of advertisements you can use to earn from your blogs. You might have seen such ads which sometimes annoy you while visiting web pages.

According to SEMrush, Google Adsense is the most popular and most used ad network for monetization among bloggers.

Some other ad networks are Infolinks,, Bloghers, revenuehits, etc. You can use any of these networks to earn ad revenue per month.

You can customize your ads as you want. And when your web visitors click on those links, you’ll earn a commission.

However, the most common demerit of adding ads to your content is that it annoys readers. Yet, this is a great way of earning for bloggers.

And that’s the reason why professional bloggers don’t rely on advertisements for earning.

Besides ad networks, there are native ads and direct ads.

You can add an advertisement email address and a page like “advertise with us” to capture brands’ attention. And then, you can directly add those advertisements to your site to generate a good income.

3. Paid reviews/Sponsorship posts

Sponsorship is a brilliant marketing technique when you’re just starting with a business. It helps companies to create an online presence.

It’s quite similar to affiliate programs. However, here the sponsors provide you with their products and ask you to review them in their favour for which they pay quite a good amount.

If you have a big audience, you might get offers from different brands for the paid reviews or sponsorship. Otherwise, if you’re continuously using the products of a few companies, you can ask them for a sponsorship amount in return for a loyal customer base.

However, some sites help you to find sponsorship opportunities:

  • Dealspotr
  • Valuedvoice
  • Adsy
  • Tapinfluence
  • Socialspark
  • Tomoson
  • Get reviewed

These are the names of a few. However, check the merits and demerits of sponsorship posts before jumping right in.

4. Sell Digital products (eBooks, Templates, or checklists)

Digital products are the best way to accelerate your revenue per month through blogging.

These products don’t require physical delivery. That means no delivery boy, no storage house, no packaging, still earning.

Well, there are various ways you can start selling digital products.

You must have seen free eBooks, templates, checklists offered as a lead magnet. However, you can use these products to earn some extra bucks.

Some bloggers exclusively sell content calendars, cheat sheets, ebooks or other productivity and time-management products.

Besides, you can also sell blueprints, licenses to digital assets like music and soundtracks, stock videos and photos, digital tools and templates (themes, plugins, mockup files, icons, fonts, etc.), or even your music or art pieces.

As of the digital revolution, people are more aware of being productive in their profession. That’s where SAAS (Software as a service) products come into play.

SAAS companies provide digital tools that help service providers increase their efficiency and save more time with administrative work.

You can see such products everywhere. SEO and keyword research tools like ahrefs, note-taking apps like Evernote, freelancing management tools like Freshbooks, everything worth purchasing. That is because these tools assist us in working faster and becoming more productive.

So, through your blog, you can sell software as a service to generate more passive income every month.

5. Launch an Online Course

Online courses are also a type of digital product you can provide to your customers. Once you have a genuine follower base, you can introduce a course focusing on the pain points of your readers.

The main reasons why online courses are effective are as follows;

  • they provide clear, structural learning (and people love clarity)
  • they get quick results of what they desire (a skill, a dream figure, relief from underlying health issues, earning ways, etc.)
  • courses provide clear guidance
  • people get support when they are stuck in the process

As these are all online, you don’t need to go somewhere or give a speech in front of a huge audience.

All you need is strong market research, a framework, course materials, and supporting resources. Then a marketing strategy. That’s it.

People tend to purchase from those who they find trustworthy.

6. Speaking Gigs

If you’re great at public speaking, it’s a great way to earn money with a blog.

Especially after the COVID-19, all speaking events have moved to online events. Webinars, online training programs, virtual workshops, and live classes.

There are numerous ways you can sell your talent and convey the right message to your audience.

According to data, for about 60% of business owners, the main purpose of these speaking events is to convert their audience into customers.

And you can generate more earnings by capturing the attention of your target crowd or by selling these events directly through your blog.

Further, you can start a podcast and post it on your blog. Nowadays, people are turning to audio content and a great source of wisdom while doing their chores.

Just network with people, announce your speaking gig and grab the audience. More audience equals more loyalty and more sales.

7. Sell Memberships

Selling memberships is another great way to earn money through blogging. You can create something more valuable than that of your free content and ask your audience to have premium memberships to get access to that.

For example, Copyblogger provides exclusive content and support for its premium members. Some business groups offer membership services to their VIP users.

For each additional support, you can sell memberships through your website.

8. Offer Online Consulting and Coaching Services

If you’re an expert in your niche, then you can earn money way from the beginning. Yes, you can make money even when you don’t have much traffic or followers.

You might be thinking, How? I hear you.

You can offer 1:1 coaching services to beginners for learning any skills or consult other businesses about how to grow their company from scratch.

As this is a way to generate more sales, traffic, and additional revenue, they don’t hesitate to be sold.

However, you need to present yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

9. Offer Services based on your skills

Offering services based on skills include freelancing, training, life coaching, etc.

Suppose you are a copywriter, illustrator or graphic designer, web developer, ethical hacker, social media marketer, virtual assistant or anything similar. In that case, you can present your freelancing services as your main business through your blog.

According to a report, businesses with a blog earn 67% more leads each month than those who don’t have one.

That shows your blog is your number one marketing strategy for selling your skills-based services.


Besides these, you can think of your way to generate more revenue every month. People are busy nowadays. Thus, they want to be more efficient and earn quickly.

If you’re thinking of your blog as a real business, you can help people with their demands and excel in the market in no time.

Starting from a single way of generating income to expanding your marketing funnel is a great way to succeed with your blog.

You can think creatively and provide value to your audience. Only the sky is your limit. 🙂

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