Amazon Affiliate Program: How to Get Started and Make Money

Affiliate Marketing in itself is already a popular way of monetizing their websites, Amazon Affiliate Marketing specific is a great sub-type of affiliate marketing where affiliates earn commissions with each sale they make.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of earning extra money through your websites. Affiliate Marketing is easy to understand and Amazon Affiliate Marketing works the same way.

We will discuss briefly Amazon Affiliate Program and how you can earn from it.

So if you want to know briefly about all the aspects of amazon affiliate marketing then keep reading this article till the end.

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate Program is an affiliate program where anyone can earn money through commissions. These affiliates after joining the amazon affiliate program can create unique links which they can use on their website.

These websites are focused on one niche and gain plenty of traffic with lots of potential buyers that click into the affiliate links of the website owner.

You make a portion of the selling price as a commission and the percentage of commission varies on the type of product.

How Does the Amazon Affiliate Program Work?

Amazon Affiliates earns commissions with every product purchased through their unique link. The unique link can be a product or service.

Amazon Affiliate programs are eligible for anyone who can sign up for it. It does not require any prior marketing degree or anything. You just need to create an Amazon affiliate account and you are good to go.

After creating an account on the Amazon affiliate program, affiliates will get a unique associate ID and after getting application approval, affiliates will be able to create their unique affiliate links through the Amazon portal.

That is all you need to do to earn commissions through your affiliate links. Make people click into your amazon affiliate link by directly sharing the link to them or create a full-fledged website where you also make reviews and blogs about the products.

How to Make Money with the Amazon Affiliate Program?

Making money with Amazon Affiliate Programs is easy and reliable if you manage to run a successful business out of it. Here we will discuss how to make money with the Amazon Affiliate Program.

1. Choose a Good Niche

Amazon Affiliate will struggle to run their affiliate business if they cover all sorts of niches in a single website.

The best way to thrive as an Amazon affiliate is to choose a niche you are most interested in and has a lucrative affiliate traffic potential. Make your website all about that particular niche and do not try to mix up every e-commerce niche at one spot.

By following a single niche, you will appear as an expert and your audience will tend to believe what you are saying about the product or service you are affiliating. The plus point here is that you won’t have to research a lot, prior to writing about a product since you already know so much about it.

Your site visitors will obey your opinions and put you as an authoritative being when it comes to purchasing something. However, in order to reach a stage of authoritativeness, you need to put in a lot of hours and constantly improve your blogging skills.

So decide on an e-commerce niche you think you can write constantly about and stick to it. There are many options to choose from and the more specific your topic is the less competition you’ll have in that niche.

2. Find Profitable Keywords

Just finding keywords for your amazon associates website is not enough you need to get through lots of hurdles so that you can find profitable keywords.

For starters, you need to realize that even if your site is looking very professional and has all elements of being a high authority domain, it won’t work in your favor if there are no appropriate keywords ranked for it.

Seed keywords are the best way to find profitable keywords for your amazon affiliates.

You can find seed keywords by going into the amazon site directory and selecting the niche you are working on. There will be subcategories of your niche and that is where you’ll find your seed keywords.

Longer keyword strings also help your website exponentially and since your website is amazon associates then it is important to make longer keyword strings that have buying intent.

There are several useful keyword research tools that can help you find the right keywords and even long-tail keywords for you. You can make determine how many keywords are appropriate to use for your site.

3. Choose a Domain Name & Web Hosting

You need to have a presence on the internet so that people can find your website. So in order for people to access your website, you need to buy a domain name and a web hosting service.

There is no brainer that the domain name of your website should relate to the brand of your website.

Your potential visitors should easily recognize what your website is all about. Having a proper domain name will help you grow your amazon affiliate business and establish a brand name over time.

The next procedure is to host your website with your desired domain name. There are plenty of web hosting options with various plans which can fit your criteria.

These web hosting are where your CMS is installed (More about CMS in the next point). Your domain with the website needs to be hosted on a server and each web hosting service comes with its own set of features and plans for you to choose from.

4. Install WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system or CMS. It has all the requirements to build a more than functional website.

It is free to use tool to build a website according to your needs. It helps you customize your overall website be it e-commerce or an about-page landing site. Tweak your layouts and add-ons for your site with just a few clicks with WordPress.

A great tool for amazon affiliate who wants to create a website powered by WordPress. Many web hosting directly supports managed WordPress content so that the user doesn’t have to worry about all the technical stuff.

Everything is well handled by the tools available in WordPress.

WordPress has endless numbers of plugins made by developers for each individual for their distinctive needs. There are tutorials in the form of videos and forums. If that is not enough for you, you can reach out to their 24/7 online tech support.

5. Select a Theme and Design Your Blog

Since there is various niche available in amazon affiliates it is important to curate your website appearance.

You have to make sure that your website’s appearance or theme matches the purpose or the type of website it is. Although it seems like other aspects of improving your website’s performance are more important than the design theme for your website, it is important to know that all this nitpicking can go a long way.

Many CMS like WordPress offers various range themes and designs for your blogs. If your website is about Amazon Affiliates then you need to choose a wordpress theme that matches an amazon affiliate website. You can also alter some parts of theming and designing to make it more personal to your taste.

6. Create the “RIGHT” Kind of Content

Creating the right kind of content consists of different factors and they all have their own role in making the content.

You need to figure out the type of products to include and the best way to do that is to use the Amazon website search engine. Anything you search on Amazon the first few pages will contain products that are usually highly recommended.

If you recognize any common inclusions in the products shown in the results then it is a smart move to make a roundup review of such products.

Reviewing the Amazon product review page will also help you significantly. You can go through some of the reviews of genuine buyers and see what they have to say about the product. You will figure out what are the key things in a particular product people care about. You can take notes from that and implement it on your blogs.

7. Drive Traffic to Your Site Through SEO

While SEO is a broad topic to cover in a point like this, it is important to understand how SEO can drive traffic to your Amazon Affiliate website specifically.

Creating a content hub can maintain the performance of your website SEO through backlinks. Since there are sub-pages or cluster content that has one common hub page, it is easier to interlink each cluster content with the hub page in the form of backlinks.

You can decide on a type of product and create a hub page revolving around the type of product in a broadly descriptive way. All the details and specific product descriptions should be reserved for product reviews that will go into the cluster pages.

The internal links or cluster pages allow the amazon affiliates to use rich keywords that can help Google understand what your page is about and might make your google search rankings higher.

8. Get Click on Affiliate Links

Getting clicks on your affiliate links is one thing and the duration a person takes to make a purchase after clicking on the affiliate link.

You cannot change anything if a person who clicked on your affiliate link decides to not purchase the product. However, it is all your responsibility to make your visitors stay on your website and provide affiliate links without them having to wonder where the purchase link is.

Placing the recommended products link early on allows people to find what they are looking for. When making buttons for your affiliate links, you need to make sure that are unique and can be easily understood that what the button is for.

Your intros of both your round-up page and cluster content page should contain some form of authenticity so that readers can find a reason to trust you.

9. Receive Commissions

Amazon Affiliate program pays up to 10% commission on the customer clicking on the affiliate link and purchasing a product. Affiliates can get maximum earnings through competitive conversion rates.

The best part is that the customer does not even have to purchase the product you recommended on your affiliate website.

If a person comes from an affiliate link about home appliances and ends up purchasing shoes, the affiliate will still get a commission. This only affects when the person who clicked in that particular affiliate link stays on the amazon website without exiting a purchasing something without 24 hours.

This is why amazon affiliate is a popular affiliate marketing program among aspiring affiliate marketers. The commissions on Amazon Affiliate programs are significantly higher than other affiliate programs.

Amazon Affiliate Program FAQs

Now that you know how you can make money from the amazon affiliate program you might want to go through these FAQs to clear further doubts.

How much does the amazon affiliate program pay?

Amazon Affiliate program pays its affiliates on the basis of Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule and you can easily look at the fixed advertising rates for each product.
On average, Affiliates can earn anywhere from $100 to $20000 from the Amazon Affiliate program. You can also earn less or more than this range since it really depends on the number of referrals you generate through your means.

How do amazon associates get paid?

Amazon Associate is getting paid on a monthly basis however you will get paid after 60 days after the month in which you worked for. For example, if you have worked as an amazon affiliate for the month of February, you will get paid at the end of April.

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