How to Write Amazing Blog Posts With Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis)?

Writers do not always have mind-blowing ideas in their minds. As a result, they struggle with writer’s block.

The situation gets worse when you have to create a blog post before the deadline, and you also have writers’ block. Today, we happily want to introduce you to Jasper AI. Many of you might have already heard about Jasper AI and what does it do. However, there are people who may not be very familiar with the AI copywriting tools.

This is why today we want to briefly discuss Jasper AI and how you can write a blog post with it. There is no doubt that it is a perfect companion for bloggers and writers who want to make long-form content.

Jasper AI is becoming more popular among business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. One of the reasons why it is getting so popular is that you can create content 5 times faster. In other words, you will be making content faster and without having to do a lot of research.

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After reading this guide, you will be able to write a blog post with Jasper AI. In addition, you will also learn about how to use the boss mode plan.

What is Jasper AI?

Have you ever wanted any assistance with writing content because you are struggling with fresh ideas coming to your mind? This is where Jasper AI comes into play.

Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis AI) is a powerful AI copywriting tool that generates captivating content. Writers don’t have to brainstorm ideas to write, and they can leave that task to Jasper AI. Jasper AI will start writing content for you, and you only have to give commands and instructions to it.

Jasper AI copywriter is powered by an AI that has GPT-3 technology. It is the reason why Jasper AI can create compelling and accurate content in just a few seconds. It does research like a normal writer would do but 5 times faster and more accurate.

With Jasper AI, writers and marketers can make Ads copy, blog posts, social media captions, email copy, and many more. Whenever writers experience writer’s block, Jasper AI will take care of their work.

What is Boss Mode in Jasper AI?

Jasper AI Boss Mode is the best AI writing has to offer in terms of AI copywriting tools. The normal, Jasper Starter plan can also create content for writers, but it can be overwhelming sometimes. Often it needs lots of editing and correction, which consumes a lot of time to make it look more authentic.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that writers experience writer’s block. It is hard to always come up with fresh ideas when writing content. This is where boss mode comes into play and takes a massive burden from writers.

Jasper AI boss mode plan has a “long-from assistant” template which is perfect for writers who want to create blog posts. It writes 5 times faster than the starter plan. In addition, the boss mode has 2000 to 3000 characters lookback feature. This means that the AI will look at what is previously written to understand the context.

Writers also get access to Jasper AI recipes which are templates that let you create content efficiently. Above all, you can give direct commands and click on the “compose” button for Jasper AI to start its magic.

The software will write automatically while you just look on the screen. Don’t worry; you can write multiple drafts about the same topic over and over again until you find the best fit. With $59/month, it is definitely worth it for bloggers and small businesses.

Which Plan Do You Choose to Write Blogs with Jasper AI?

Blog posts are usually around 1200 to 2500 words which come under long-form content. If you want to create high-quality blog posts, then you have to choose the Boss mode plan. This Plan has all the features and abilities to generate the type of blog post you want.

Boss Mode plan includes “Long-form assistant” that has exclusive features for long-form content. Some of the features of the Boss mode plan include the command feature. The direct access to the Jasper AI command feature lets you give a direct command to Jasper AI to generate content for you.

The command that writers give should be simple and direct. In addition, there are no complex words or phrases you need to add to the command. You can give commands as you would normally talk but in written form.

You will learn more about how you can give the command to Jasper AI later in this article with an example.

So get the Boss mode plan for Jasper AI because, with just $10 extra, you will be getting some fantastic features.

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How to Write a Long-Form Blog Post With Jasper AI (Blog Post Workflow)?

Writing long-form content on Jasper AI requires a Boss Mode plan. Meaning you can only use Jasper AI to create long-form content by purchasing the Boss Mode plan. Here are the steps on How to write long-form content with Jasper AI.

1. Purchase Boss Mode plan

The first step is to purchase Boss Mode plan.

Head over to the site and sign up for Jasper AI. After that, click on “Try Boss Mode” to proceed through the purchase of the Boss Mode plan. You can also easily upgrade to Boss Mode if you are already using the starter plan. The price of the Jasper AI, Boss Mode plan, starts with $59/month for 50K words.

2. Select Long Form Assistant tool

Log in to Jasper AI and head over to your dashboard. Inside your dashboard, you have to click “Templates” and then go to “Long-form assistant.”

After that, you will have two options inside the long-form assistant page. These options are “Start from scratch” and “Blog post workflow.” You have to choose the “Blog post workflow” option.

3. Write a little context about the content

Now, you have to describe the content you want Jasper AI to write. There is a limit of 600 characters, and you can describe the content within that character limit.

The more clearly and better you can describe, Jasper AI will be able to generate higher quality content. Apart from that, there will be an option to add keywords which is optional. You can undoubtedly use keywords to specify the topic of content that Jasper AI will produce.

For instance, if you want to write about the best places to visit in Europe, then you can describe your content like this:

“Write an article about the best places to visit in Europe. Also, add details about the cost for visiting those places and the best time to visit them.”

You can keep on describing further to help Jasper AI understand what you are exactly looking for.

4. Generate the Title

After describing the content, the next step is to give the title of your blog post. Titles are not easy to choose, especially if you are trying to make your blogs SEO friendly. This is Jasper AI also provides Generate Ideas feature. You can simply click on the “Generate ideas” button to get some title suggestions from Jasper AI. Believe it or not, the suggestions are usually amazing and attention-grabbing.

5. Generate Blog Post Introduction

Now, you have to write a captivating introduction for your blog post. This introduction will also be used by Jasper AI to understand the context better and to generate accurate content. In case you are struggling with writer’s block, then don’t worry; there is also generate ideas button here as well.

Jasper AI will suggest multiple high-quality introductions for you to choose from. You can read those introductions and select the most suitable option.

6. Click on the “Open Editor” button

Now is the time to create the main part of the blog. For that, you need to click on the “Open Editor” button, and the website will create a document. The document will be based on all the inputs you provided, and it is where Jasper AI will generate the content.

7. Generate Blog Post Sub-Headings (Outline) and Use the Compose Button

Writers can figure out the outline of the blog post prior to generating content on Jasper AI. This will allow Jasper AI to generate high-quality as well as SEO-friendly blog posts.

Write your first subheadings and write the initial few lines about the subheading. After that, simply click on the “compose” button for Jasper AI to continue the line. You can continue this process for further subheadings, and Jasper AI will keep on generating high-quality content.

Jasper AI will make professional-looking content for your blog post in no time. It will save you energy and help you get rid of writer’s block.

Steps to Write a Long-Form Blog Post With Jasper AI Boss Mode (Start From Scratch)

Boss mode is easy to use, and it has straightforward instructions for writers when using it. But firstly, it is necessary to purchase the boss plan because it does not come with the starter plan or the Pro unlimited plan.

The steps to use the Jasper AI Boss mode is similar to the guide on how to write long-form content with Jasper AI. However, there are some differences that you need to understand to grasp the fundamentals of Boss Mode.

1. Open Long-form assistant tool

Boss mode has the exclusive feature that lets you create long-form content suitable for blogs. Just go to templates> Long-form assistant. After that, click on “Start from scratch.”

2. Enter instructions

Now you have to give some instructions to Boss mode. These instructions are title, article brief, tone of voice, keywords, and output length.

Instructions are necessary for the framework of Jasper AI to understand what type of content you are hoping to achieve with Jasper AI.

The title gives a broad idea of what your topic is about, and on the other hand, the article brief gives proper instruction to the AI on what specific aspect of the topic you are targeting.

3. Give commands to Jasper AI

As you already know that it is better to outline your topic beforehand. Now give Jasper AI commands in the respective area. For example – Write an introduction about how to make money online. After, that you can simply hit the compose button to generate the content.

Similarly, there are plenty of other commands for headlines, conclusion, mid-paragraph, and content improver for Jasper AI Boss mode.

You can also tell Jasper AI to start writing by pressing “CTRL” + “Enter” by putting the cursor at the end of the command.

You can press and generate as much content as you want. Just keep in mind that you have to give proper commands to Jasper AI. Your content will look professional, engaging, and SEO-friendly.

Is Jasper Free?

Jasper AI comes with its sets of services and features with different price plans. However, there is a free trial period that gives basic features to writers. It will give them a proper experience of Jasper AI. If they want to continue using Jasper AI, then they have to purchase one of the plans.

Conclusion about Writing Blog Posts with Jasper

Jasper AI is here to stay, and there are many entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners who will use it to grow their businesses. As a writer, you can generate high-quality content for your blogs. Apart from that, you can also make ad copy, social media captions, email copy, and product descriptions.

Blogs are a big part of scaling the business aspect of the blogger. Writers constantly have to produce content, but it is hard to come up with fresh ideas when you are facing writer’s block. Sometimes there are tons of writing to do that marketers are unable to complete on time. For those reasons, Jasper AI will deliver compelling content with just a few clicks.

With Boss Mode, you can create as much long-form content as you want. You can create content worth 50000 words with boss mode. You also get priority customer support to solve any issue you are having. So for all these valuable factors, bloggers and marketers should definitely try out Jasper AI.

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