Best Lead Generation Software (to Get More Leads)

Are you looking for the best lead generation software for your ideal business?

Lead Generation is a crucial part of marketing and scaling a business small or big. To grow a business, it is a necessity to use lead generation software so that your business website can get more sales and use the information of those paying customers to generate more quality leads.

There are so many tools out there but have curated the best lead generation software which will suit your business type.

What is the Best Lead Generation software?

There are a handful of tactics and strategies to target leads. Many tools are available in the market which offers such tactics in their own way. Here is the best lead generation software for you.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot marketing hub has all the necessary tools for marketing and reaching the right audiences. Marketing is tough at small and large scale and it is quite possible to lose in the spiral of lacklustre data and tools that gives broad information.

Hubspot has a dedicated powerful marketing platform where you can easily scale and grow your business. The platform contains marketing tools and useful data.

Marketers will save a lot of time and unnecessary effort to get customer data. It is easy to understand and any can get a personalized experience for their audience and customers.

If you use the HubSpot CRM platform you can keep all the user data in the centre of Hubspot marketing without fussing in and out of the software. Hubspot marketing is a fragment of the Hubspot CRM platform.

You can utilize and scale your business with the full CRM platform of Hubspot as it has all the strategies, software and services you need.

Hubspot has free as well as paid plans. Paid plans are more advanced and useful for scaling. It cost $45/month.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best lead generation software. It is the potential to convert your website or platform visitors to become customers.

Whether you run a B2B website, e-commerce, Saas, blogs, affiliate websites or a small business, OptinMonster has you covered. OptinMonster offers lead generation by email signups, webinar signups, product demo testing and potential customers. It does not matter what kind of lead you are looking for you can easily scale your business with OptinMonster.

You can create unique and eye-grabbing onsite marketing campaigns from the 50+ pre-made templates. Some of the best templates are Lightboxpopup, Floating bar, inline form and coupon wheels optins.

OptinMonster has one-click integration of any CRM software and email marketing tools. You can easily set up OptinMonster on your HTML site, WordPress and Shopify without any issue.

Your email list made with OptinMonster can also be optimized with amazing templates and lead targeting features so that it only produces high-quality leads.

There are four paid plans for OptinMonster. The cheapest plan is the basic plan which costs $9/month, Plus Plan cost $19/month, the Pro costs $29/month and the Growth Plan cost $49/month.

3. LeadFeeder

LeadFeeder is another great choice for marketers who wants to get customer information as soon as possible to acquire further leads. LeedFeeder has unique features that let it gather the information of the website visitors without them having to enter their details.

Yes, if a visitor simply enters the website and do not bother to fill up an email address or contact information, LeedFeeder will still be able to generate lead from it.

LeedFeeder allows its users to find contact information for the company associated with LeedFeeder Discover. Visitors have made some crucial data for LeedFeeder even if the customers do not inquire about any product.

You can easily track visitors from the sales pipe via LeadFeeder tracker and produce great marketing campaigns for your business growth and scale.

LeedFeeder Tracker is the initial installation needed to use LeadFeeder. It takes about 5 minutes to set up and start using it.

LeadFeeder provides a 14-day free trial for first-time users and the paid plans of LeadFeeder starts at $63/month. The prices are not the cheapest but you are getting the bank for your bucks.

4. LeadPages

Whether you run a B2B or B2C business need lead generation. We all know there are multiple ways to generate organic leads and one of the ways is from landing pages.

LeadPages has specialized expertise in creating a wonderful landing page for a small or a big company.

It is all automated with minimal effort needed to make a landing page using LeadPages. There is no need to have profound knowledge about web developing and coding.

LeadPages will create a high-quality landing page from its powerful and versatile tools. LeadPages has a large library of free templates and paid templates which are highly rated.

Users can create and customize the lead page using drag and drop editing. This makes the user experience more intuitive even with the editing part.

Seamless integration of your email marketing, customer relationship management, hosting and payment gateway. You can independently host your lead page or from LeadPages own hosting service.

For people who are sceptical about LeadPages, there is a 14 day free trial period if you sign up.

5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a word-class lead generation tool that only gives useful and effective tools.

Constant Contact is an email marketing agency that caters for small businesses. Constant Constant contact is a part of different digital tools called EID.

If you are not familiar with Constant contact then you must be thrilled to know that this email marketing tool is among the tools of EIG where Bluehost, HostGator and were also included.

There are many useful lead generating tools and features available in Constant Contacts such as digital product downloads, appointment scheduling, event management and social marketing campaigns.

These features are newly added in the email services along with the automation and newsletters.

Constant Contact has a broad marketplace with their service fitting almost all niches of products that a business could sell.

Small businesses will be suitable for constant contact but when it comes it pricing there are definitely better options.

With $20/month, constant contact has a limit of allowing 500 subscribers only.

6. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is an amazing lead generation tool that acquires emails and other contact information of organizations and individuals. It has the prospect to generate high-quality leads that could potentially increase your sales and reach in the market.

The data of Aeroleads can easily export into CSV with just a few steps. Users can also transfer data to the CRM platform of choice and other marketing software.

AeroLeads will be suitable for businesses and individuals targeting leads in the form of contact information.

The email marketing service is not as good as other lead generating tools. There are sometimes emails shown by Aeroleads which can be wrong and inactive.

Aero leads show appropriate contacts and emails most of the time if you get a paid plan. It analyzes data from LinkedIn search so the information will be limited if you are using the basic version of LinkedIn.

Users can intuitively create lists and automate the distribution of leads. Various deployment and support are available such as Cloud, Saas and web-based.

AeroLeads prices start at $49/month which includes a free trial and free version.

7. Intercom

Intercom is messaging software for businesses and individuals. The software generates leads via messaging potential customers to give them a feeling of one to one experience.

Intercom is a reliable and innovative company with over 30,000 customers.

Customer messaging platforms are not generic when it comes to lead generation tools. Intercom was one of the first messenger tools for business that also allows its users to customize apps within the messenger using API.

With various useful features like LiveChat, chatbot and email services businesses can have a meaningful relationship with their customers.

Live chat and chatbot are always online and help with any queries that a customer has. Intercom is advanced and technology forward businesses use this platform to increase customer engagement strategies.

There are plenty of helpful add-ons but these add-ons also rack up the already expensive paid plans of Intercom.

The pricing of Intercom starts at $39/month which gives one seat and $9 for an additional seat/month.

Grow, Accelerate, Scale, Early Stage Program are its other paid plans. Scale is the most expensive plan at $99 per month.

8. Novocall

Novocall is a highly rated lead generation software that generates lead with the help of source marketing campaigns.

Any business needs information about customers to generate leads. Novocall attributes its successful relationship with business to marketing campaigns, data tracking and analytics.

Get high-quality Inbound calls and make them into leads. Real-time tracking and multi-channel attribution provide customer’s journey. This data of your customer’s journey can be used to optimize the Novocall specific marketing strategies.

Novocall allows its users to integrate the system into their CRM and lets them start the campaigning as soon as possible.

Novocall has made over 2000+ clients from various businesses satisfied.

It is easy to interact with clients using Novocall with excellent call quality. There is never any issue with connections and everything works out seamlessly.

The only bummer of Novocall is that you cannot import voicemails.

The starting price of Novocall is $39/month.

What is Lead Generation Software?

The advancement of the internet era has changed the game for the marketing and advertisement industries. Back in the old days, businesses have to make calls, visit people physically, sending sales letters and publications.

Today, businesses run online and most of the customers are coming from the internet. This is where tools like lead generation software come in handy for small and large businesses that want to thrive and gain traffic on their business websites.

Lead generation software is a tool that has the ability to find potential customers and turn them into leads. It is a fairly simple process where various deployments are used to tackle each aspect of generating leads.

It is the process of gaining customer information and utilizing it to turn them into paying customers. There are many lead generation software and most of them allow easy integration of any CRM platform. Some only allow their own CRM program to be integrated.

B2B and B2C businesses both need some type of lead generation to grow and scale their business.

In a survey, there were results saying that 57% of survey respondents are using lead generation software.

The Benefits of Using Lead Generation Software

There are many benefits to your business as an individual or as a big organization if you are using lead generation software.

  • It generates high-quality leads which have a higher chance of becoming a paying customers. You will be able to increase traffic to your website with lead generation. This also assists exponentially in optimizing campaigns, paid advertisements and search engine optimization.
  • Lead Generation tools are suitable for all types of business that wants to make a presence online. You can target ideal customers and get quality leads with the many features and tools available.
  • Time is a very valuable thing for business owners so automating the process of generating leads helps businesses to grow in other areas. It accelerates the entire process of sales and saves you a lot of time.
  • Every lead you get is crucial and helps you get more potential customers. Lead Generation tools have excellent lead management tools so that any quality leads do not lose in the clouds of clustered leads.

What to look for in a Lead Generation Tool?

If you are confused about what qualities to look for in your ideal lead generating agency then we will guide you through each factor to consider.

  1. Understand your business: Realizing the needs and requirements of your business will not let you pay unnecessary effort and expenses on features that you do not really need for your business.
  2. Acknowledge both your strengths and weaknesses: There is no denying that you need to work on your business strength to produce even greater leads. A lead generating software that has tools that help your business work on its weaknesses is also as important.
  3. Do research about the lead generation agencies: It is important to do profound research on the type of lead generating tools you are looking for. Search for the benefits, features suitable for your business, amount of clients and prices of lead generating tools when you are researching.

Here, in this article that is exactly what you will get.

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