Best Fiverr Alternatives (Sites Like Fiverr) for Freelancers in 2023

Are you a freelancer or willing to be one? Are you a solopreneur or a full-fledged business owner who wants to outsource some projects? Then you’re already aware that Fiverr is the top platform to find both clients and talents.

However, you are here, which means you also know that Fiverr is highly competitive.

Else, if you don’t know about the level of competition among service providers and buyers aware of Fiverr, here are some stats that will help you understand.

  • About 3.42 million buyers use Fiverr to buy or outsource different services.
  • There are 50 Million transactions, and in every 4 seconds, one gig is brought.

It clearly shows Fiverr is quite famous for a wide range of services like programming, writing, video editing, animation, graphic design, web design, digital marketing, voice-over, and whatever skills you can think of.

And the reasons behind its popularity is simple: business owners get their work delegated within their budget.

It’s great for buyers. But, if you want to start earning online through providing services, it might cost you hours of sweat.

So, rather than putting effort for months and years and getting no results, you can do another thing — hop to its alternatives.

Yes, there are alternatives to Fiverr no matter what services you provide.

And with this article, we will give you an idea about the nine best alternative freelancing platforms for every service provider. Let’s jump right in!

9 Best Fiverr Alternatives for Freelancers to Make More Money (Sites Like Fiverr)

Whether you are a writer or a coding expert, you will get your freelancing business rolling through these platforms.

1. SEOClerks

SEOclerks is a New York-based well-known freelancing marketplace by Ionicware Inc.

People with relevant skills in arts and design, onsite SEO and research, Content and writing, backlink building, guest posting, graphics and logo design, virtual assistant, and programming can show up their skills in SEOClerks and earn good money from it.

There are three methods for getting paid through selling services: PayPal, stripe, or bitcoin. The best part of SEOclerks is that it’s similar to Fiverr — both in looks and the way you will represent your gig.

For starting with Seoclerks, you need first to visit the official website and click on the sell a service option. Now register with your details and verify your account. You can start creating a gig just similar to Fiverr.

Add an image related to the service you want to sell and write a few sentences related to the value you will provide. You can either take work from the clients and submit it to a team of skillful persons and earn a middle commission. Or you can finish the task and submit it to the client.

You can earn it through your mobile phone, too. It’s 100% genuine and trustworthy owned by freelancers and agencies worldwide.

2. Upwork

Upwork is the most famous freelancing platform winning the market from the last two decades. Some facts that will make you choose Upwork over other freelancing platforms are

  • It has 4.9/5 star ratings based on the 2.9 million ratings by talents and 2.4 million ratings by clients.
  • In 2021, it ranked #1 as a freelancing platform.
  • 1 in 3 Fortune 500 companies use Upwork for outsourcing different projects.
  • You can represent skills from the 1000+ skills the platform allows or discover a unique one.

Enough reasons to trust and give Upwork a shot. However, let me give you a caveat: it’s more competitive than Fiverr.

This is both good and bad because more popularity means you will never be scarce of work. Yet, you have to work hard to reach the level where you never remove the work opportunities.

It’s pretty different in use. So, let’s know how to start earning through Upwork.

First, visit the official website. Now, click on either find work or sign up.

Sign up for an account quickly, and now you might be asked to provide details for a strong account. Fill in the necessary information like the headline of your service and general description.

Now, if you have previous work experience, you can add your sample works or portfolio materials, testimonials, additional skills, certifications, employment history, and other credentials.

For seeing the client’s works, you can visit the find work tab. Here you will see dozens of jobs of your choice that match the detail you provided while creating the profile.

You can click on the work description and contact the buyer through the platform. Sellers get a few “connections” to send proposals every week. For more, you can either join their membership option or purchase a handful of connections at a special price.

3. Freelancer

You might have already heard of freelancers. It’s yet another excellent platform for finding freelancing works that more than 50 million professionals own.

You can choose a service from the bundle of skills, from website design to marketing with thousands of categories.

It is used by small businesses to top enterprises. If you are wondering how it works, it’s simple.

Recruiters or clients post work that freelancers review and give proposals (similar to Upwork). Then the client chooses from the biddings. Then after communication, both parties could track progress. Lastly, the freelancer gets paid, and the client pays with total safety.

You will get instructions in every step from the platform. So, it’s super easy to get work from a freelancer platform.

First, sign up with the email and password to start the work here. Now just like Upwork, you have to set up your account, find work from the available listings, and submit a proposal. If the recruiter likes your submission and profile, they will contact you.

4. PeoplePerHour

The next platform of our choice is PeoplePerHour which was founded in 2007.

Suppose you have skills in technology and programming, writing and translation, design, digital marketing, video, photo, and image, business, music and audio, marketing, branding, sales, and social media. In that case, PeoplePerHour will be the best option for you.

Peopleperhour is owned and trusted by one million+ freelancers and businesses worldwide. They have paid over £100 million to the professionals from the past 15 years.

The way to acquire work is quite similar, or you can say, the mixture of both Fiverr and Upwork. You have to make a profile with lots of credibilities (or start building credibility through this platform). Then you will create a gig for the service you want to provide. And you can also see the works clients are looking for and submit proposals.

After applying for the freelancing position, their team will review your profile, and you will get notified about the approval.

With PeoplePerHour, you can submit 15 Free proposals every month. If you want more, you can purchase it.

The top benefits of using PeoplePerHour are

  • Your proposal and communication with the client are effortless.
  • You can raise the invoice after work without hassle.
  • You can build a long-term relationship with clients.
  • Get testimonials and reviews to improve your credibility.

If you are ready with a good level of skills and experience, go ahead and join the platform.

5. Toptal

Are you anyone between a software engineer, designer, financial expert, product manager, or project manager? Then Toptal should be your top priority.

They claim to have the top 3% of talent with their platform. That is because they screen rigorously to find the top-performing people in these domains, and only 3% of professionals get accepted to work with them.

As it’s pretty complex to qualify their screening process, let me tell you what they look for.

  • Firstly, they check the language and personality of the professional. And choose only 26.4% of people.
  • Next, they test for technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities and pass just 7.4% of applications.
  • Then applicants have to pass through the interview by the expert of the respective domain, and only 3.6% qualify the process.
  • Finally, 3.2% of people have to pass a test project to understand their quality of work.
  • And at last, only 3% of professionals who continue to provide excellent services remain on this platform.

Looks tedious. Isn’t it? However, if you are confident and have worked long enough in a particular field, go ahead and apply as a freelancer and get a chance to work with leading companies.

6. Truelancer

Kind of similar to freelancers, you will get a lot of good quality projects through this platform.

The top three reasons to choose Truelancer over other freelancing media are

  • The payment method is secure for both the clients and professionals.
  • You will get 100% satisfaction; otherwise, 100% refund guarantee.
  • You can get dedicated support at any time from the team.

Another reason I see can benefit both talents and businesses is the contest option. The companies can organize a contest for the project they want to be done and reward the profession that creates the best result.

This process is advantageous for freelancers who are just starting because they will get a chance to polish their skills and build a strong portfolio.

The top freelancing services you can sell in freelancer belongs to categories such as IT and Programming, graphic designing and multimedia, writing and content, data entry and admin work, finance and accounting, sales and marketing, customer support and service, SEO, SEM, and Social media, Mobile application, and music and audio.

You can take the monthly or annual membership plans, list more projects, and showcase your skills by getting more proposal options.

7. Guru

Guru is one of the oldest freelancing platforms providing opportunities and services. It came into existence in 1998 and is based in Pittsburgh, PA, and Noida, India.

About 2 Million experts in different domains are working with this freelancing platform.

It has several projects listed, which you can directly browse through the “find a job” tab. And if you would like to send a pitch, click on the send quote option.

You need to sign up and send a proposal to the works you prefer. Simple.

With Guru, you will get 100% customer satisfaction and be paid securely. The services you provide can range from programming and development, design and art, writing and translation, administrative and secretarial, sales and marketing, engineering and architecture, legal, business and finance, and education and training.

8. Outsourcely

If you are unsure of contract-based or freelancing work, then Outsourcely is a platform for you.

They were founded in 2014, 4 lakh plus remote workers to find long-term employment in 50,000+ startups from 180 plus countries.

Whether you want full-time or part-time remote work in any area, you will get many options here.

The best part of working with outsourcely is that you don’t have to pay a commission fee like other freelancing platforms.

Further, you can interact with the recruiter through various communication mediums such as Instant private chat, Live video, voice interviewing, video and voice messaging, or even direct mail.

If you want to get an online job instantly from any part of the world, follow the five-step process:

  • Create a remarkable profile with all your skills and abilities
  • Wait for your profile to be discovered
  • Else you can apply directly to the available job positions
  • Communicate directly
  • Get 100% of your payment and save money

This platform is excellent for you if you are more inclined towards a stable income.

9. 99designs

99designs is a crowdsourcing platform by Vista that was started in 2008. This platform is mainly for design professionals with many options to earn money online.

Whether you are a website designer, WordPress theme designer, landing page designer, logo and brand identity designer, app designer, illustrator or graphic designer, product and packaging designer, or design something like product label, postcard, flyer, or print, social media page, book cover, email, and posters, you are a perfect fit for this website.

They have a simple three-step process for taking work from companies and giving it to design professionals: brief, connect, and collaborate.

You will get the best brief for accomplishing quality work through 99designs. And further, if you are a fledgling designer thinking of putting your toe into the industry, here is an option for you to build a quality portfolio: take part in contests.

Yes, you can choose any of the above design services or move arbitrarily with any niche. Then you can see the project contest briefs and make your design as per the concept. After making a decent portfolio, you can apply for verification by the 99design team and participate in contests or direct projects.

Fiverr Alternatives FAQs

Is Fiverr good for finding freelancers?

Fiverr is a good freelancing platform with millions of freelancing from around the globe. However, you have to be tricky at finding the best freelancer for your project.

Is Upwork better than Fiverr?

In my opinion, yes. Upwork has options to know the clients’ requirements directly and bid accordingly. And with Fiverr, you have to create lots of gigs to get noticed for the keyword you want. Both have features that have advantages and disadvantages.

Which are the Best Fiverr alternatives?

All of the options from our list are great alternatives to Fiverr. However, if you get confused about which platform to test first, I’d strongly recommend you to go with Freelancer, Truelancer, or Upwork. You can also go forward with 99designs if you are a designer. Yet, it depends on your preference.

Conclusion: Best Alternative to Fiverr?

Regardless of your goal of earning, you will get the best platforms for finding work and hiring talents. And if you don’t like the environment of Fiverr, you can check any of these nine platforms.

You will get a specific range of competitiveness in any marketplace if you are a professional looking for work. Else, if you are a business owner searching for a client, go forward with any of them; these are the best out of dozens of other platforms.

All of these platforms are 100% safe to find work or talents.

For freelancers or job finders, you have to master writing your proposal or gaining expertise in your skills. Most of these platforms deduct a middle commission from the total amount paid by the client.

Further, some platforms are free and for all the variety of skills, and some require you to pay for their membership plans or purchase extra credits to send more proposals.

Websites like 99design and Toptal are specially for a particular type of skill.

If you want to win at freelancing at these platforms, focus on building a solid profile. Here are a few tips to building a solid portfolio to find your initial projects:

  • Ask to provide free service from your contacts in exchange for a testimonial.
  • Ask for a low price, provide excellent service to your first few gigs, and collect reviews.
  • Take various projects and improve your confidence level at different services of your choice.
  • Join an internship or volunteer project to gain expertise and credibility.
  • You can ask at your local place for your initial gigs.
  • Alternatively, you can see project briefs from platforms like Upwork and 99designs and create mockup portfolio pieces.

Let us know if you set your mind for starting your first online earning or outsource your first project through these platforms.

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