6 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers Compared (High Speed + High Performance)

Finding the right WordPress hosting is no joke. After seeing the best features and ranges, you have to go through all the available options and choose. And when it comes to the right budget, most of us fail to understand the connection between price and the quality of service hosting companies provide.

And the most crucial question then arises, “which WordPress hosting company provides the fastest speed?

Based on that, WordPress hosting is categorized into different types. As a beginner, you can start with shared hosting—both budget-friendly and come with decent features. But after reaching a little far when you have enough site visitors, you should migrate it into a more reliable hosting option.

A VPS or cloud hosting would be a perfect choice at that time. It won’t just handle your site from every aspect, but also provide you with the fastest speed. So, your SEO efforts will bring you fruitful results.

However, finding the right option is a critical task in each case. That’s why here we are sharing our reviews on the fastest WordPress hosting companies.

So, wear your seat belt and get ready to jump into the blogging journey!

Why is Website Speed Important?

I said it out loud – your website speed matters a lot. But, do you know why it is essential for establishing a reputable online business?

Here are the top 4 reasons to consider website speed as a valuable tool:

1. Bad website speed affects your ranking

Google counts website speed as one of its ranking factors. Why? Well, on a slow loading website, people tend to bounce quickly. And more bounce rates let webmaster tools know that the site doesn’t provide valuable content.

Thus, even if you have well-optimized content, slow speed prevents Google from ranking higher.

2. Good speed provides an excellent user experience

Here are a few stats showing why you should put efforts to improve your site speed:

  • 46% of people never enter a page that performs poorly
  • More than 4 seconds of loading time could lose 1 in 4 customers
  • 64% of customers who have a bad user experience from an online store would shop from elsewhere next time
  • Just a 1-second delay in loading could reduce customer satisfaction by 16%

We can even analyze our behaviors while surfing the web as common sense.

3. Users don’t convert on a slow, unprofessional site

Yeah, slow sites even look unprofessional. And some users don’t prefer purchasing from an area that doesn’t provide quick results.

From a study by Amazon, it’s known that if they slow just 1 second, it will be a loss of about 1.6 billion dollars. Quite serious!

4. It disrupts the design of your site

And sometimes, slow loading sites fail to load the important images. That eventually disrupts the design of the website. And the bad design is another reason users bounce back to another website.

How Web Hosting Affects Website Speed?

I upgraded my laptop drive to an SSD (Solid State Drive). And here I’m working efficiently without the lagging problems.

Previously, my laptop had an HDD (hard disk drive) of pretty decent space. It was working just like a tortoise – hanging here and there, and taking forever to open any software. The browsing was even super slow.

Your web hosting is similar to your system’s hard drive – a storage space. However, it immensely matters when it comes to performance and productivity.

However, you can’t measure web hosting based on the features the companies are allowing. It seems like a lot of benefits at first. But after using and observing different scenarios, you grasp the idea of how efficient it’s.

And there comes another question: How web hosting affect website speed?

Like computer storage, your web hosting stores your files on a web server. And the faster the web server will operate – that intensely search for codes when a user looks for certain pages – the quicker your website will run.

Checking and analyzing some codes takes time, and opening a single webpage may take hundreds and thousands of coding queries (including images, videos, etc.) into consideration.

So, it’s obvious that when you choose a web hosting that works poorly while accessing these queries, your website slows down, providing a bad user experience to your readers.

Also, as per a study, upgrading a website to a dedicated server accelerates the site speed to 64%. Isn’t it worthwhile?

6 Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers in 2023

Now, as you already understand the importance of website speed and the role of good web hosting, let’s dive deeper into the knowledge base of the best and fastest WordPress hosting.

Here we have compiled a list of the 6 fastest WordPress hosting based on their features, the uptime they provide, and the user experience ratings. Let’s jump right in!

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is considered the fastest WordPress hosting with all its exciting features.

It’s now updated to a more user-friendly design and looks better than ever. You might have heard, Kinsta is powered by Google Cloud’s premium network.

The company claims 99.9% uptime. That’s super fast and helps you provide a higher rate of conversions.

You will get higher engagement rates and lesser bounce rates with such speed. Some tests by individual bloggers show how effective results you will get.

Kinsta improves the three web core vitals updates by Google and provides you with a good loading performance, interactivity, and vital stability.

It’s specially built for speed, scalability, flexibility, and reliability.

You will see some speed-enhancing software such as Nginx, PHP 7, LXD software containers, and MariaDB. You can also see exclusive features like updates management, speed tuning, one-click staging, etc.

Further, you will receive great technical support from this company. Set up and migration is super easy and great for traffic increase and e-commerce sites.

However, you will also get a premium price tag along with the premium features.


You have to pay a price of $30/month for one WordPress install, 25k web visitors, 10GB disk space, Free SSL, CDN, staging, and free migration.

2. Cloudways

The second choice for the fastest WordPress hosting is Cloudways. It has a variety of cloud hosting options to choose from. For example, you can use Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, digital ocean, Linode, or Vultr.

You will also get high performance at an affordable price, not just multiple cloud hardware options. Further, you can add and manage unlimited websites. So, you don’t have to upgrade for every new website.

You will receive an optimal level of security with firewalls in place. Another feature for security is IP whitelisting for detecting and blocking IPs using SSH or SFTP to enter your server.

And build-in database security with two-factor authentication that will make your site secure and protected.

Caching is easier with their management system. Also, you will get self-healing servers for troubleshooting and fixing minor issues.

You can easily see and track metrics related to traffic from the dashboard, such as IP requests, URL requests, status codes, etc.

One more great feature you will get is its scalability. Yes, you can scale your server resources any time super quickly.

Some cons you might detect are their support system (good but not up to the mark), you can’t find a free CDN. And you will get emails with an add-on option.


Pricing is different for various cloud hardware. It’s cheaper than the pricing of Kinsta or any other cloud hosting service.

3. WP Engine

WP engine is best known for its premium price tag among all the WordPress hosting. However, it is worth it if you want to save your time and money on upgrading from time to time (and vulnerabilities).

It works on three major things that make us choose WP Engine for creating our list of fastest web hosting.

These three factors are internet security, page loading speed (of course), and downtime.

If you are a medium to large business or rapidly expanding, it would be a great choice for you.

Some benefits you will see with WP Engine are multiple server locations and automatic backups for better security. You will get access to an enormous library of tools, themes, and plugins – all in one place.

And if you are a person who doesn’t normally believe in any products, then you will be amazed to see that WP Engine has a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

Not limited to this, you will also get extensive support from their team.

And why have they considered the fastest hosting? This is because they provide exceptional loading speed with custom NGINX extension, built-in CDN, and SSD technology with 99.95% server uptime. Further, you will get a 60-days money-back guarantee.

Some of the downsides you can see are no email hosting, no domain support, and their strict price tag.


They have three packs for managed WordPress hostings, such as startup, professional, growth. The minimum price for one site with 25k visitors/month, 10 GB storage, and 50 GB bandwidth is 20$/month.

4. Rocket.net

The fourth hosting that we recommend for faster and better performance is rocket.net. And they claim it to be the fastest WordPress hosting for agencies and creatives.

With rocket.net, you will get fast and secure performance integrated with Cloudflare enterprise. And the CDN is completely free, which will provide you with an advanced level of security.

Content integration will be faster with the strong server stack (PHP version 7.4). Further, you will receive telephonic, live chat, or email support 24*7.

Manual and automatic backups make your work easy and your site secure from sudden vulnerabilities. Also, you will get one-click staging for pretesting the impact of the newest plugins or themes or other tools installation.

And you can see visitor analytics from your dashboard, too. That makes tracking smoother for your business.

Most importantly, you will get 99.9% uptime. And SSD servers will skyrocket your speed to space.

One con that I found is that it might be a bit expensive for beginners.


With the starter pack at 30$/month (1$ for the first month), you will get one WordPress installation, 2,50,000 web visitors, 10 GB storage, Free SSL, CDN, and WAF.

5. WPX Hosting

You might have heard from the industry leaders that WPX hosting wins the race of speed and provides the best value with premium performance.

And it’s true. With WPX hosting, you will receive a 1-click WordPress install, superfast SSD storage, unlimited site migration, and unlimited SSL certificates.

Further, they have DDoS protection, 28-days automatic backups, two-factor authentication, staging area, and advanced account security for the best security.

Along with that, you will receive unlimited mailboxes, unlimited FTP users, File manager, Lite speed server, plus light speed cache and OPcache.

They guarantee speed with their custom XDN (their CDN) for FREE for all plans and hence high speed with 99.95% uptime.

Also, you will receive a quick response for all your issues while setting up or anything in future.


For their business plan at $8.75/month (65% off for the new year), you will get 5 websites, 10 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth, Free malware removal, support under 30 seconds, Free site speed optimization, 30-days money-back guarantee, and 99.95% uptime.

6. Flywheel

Our last but not least choice of fastest WordPress hosting is Flywheel. They claim to be the all-in-one WordPress agency hosting platform.

With Flywheel, you will get a full suite of tools (growth dashboard); recurring and one-time invoicing, client management, client reports, bulk site management, fully integrated with stripe, automated communication.

You will get full WordPress expert support for 24 hours. They are specialized in providing premium services to WordPress users – mostly agencies.

Other features involve staging environment, SSL support, SSH access, great security with personal technical support, and automatic backups.

Flywheel is best for you if you are a freelancer or with a large or small agency that works with various clients.


For the managed WordPress hosting at $15/month for 1 WordPress install, 5000 monthly visits, 5 GB storage, 20 GB bandwidth.

How to choose the fastest web hosting company for WordPress?

Besides our top recommendations, here are a few tips to choose the fastest web hosting for WordPress.

1. Look for the type of storage available

As I mentioned before, choosing the right hard drive space is crucial for a faster website speed.

Solid State Drives work remarkably better than Hard disk drives. Thus, choose a hosting web service that provides you with an SSD rather than HDD.

2. Check the dedicated server

A dedicated server is great if you are far in your blogging or online business journey. That’s because shared hosting services provide you with a chunk of a server while sharing it with other audiences. And with VPS or cloud hosting, you will get access to a server registered for a single person – you.

Thus, while searching for the fastest hosting, make sure to look after a dedicated server.

3. Take your audience size into consideration

Now audience size has a huge role while considering a hosting service.

If you have web visitors of more than 10,000 or 25,000, you must need a dedicated hosting that allows you to access the web space even when your site is loaded with tons of visitors without crashing.

If your web visitors are more and your web hosting doesn’t allow you to have more than 25k traffic, then it’s going to be a mess. So, consider wisely!

4. Note the location of the essential resources

Server location is yet another important factor while checking the hosting companies. Some hosting companies don’t provide server locations to every other continent or country.

So, if you don’t have the nearest server location available, you shouldn’t go after that web hosting. That’s simply because, when your files are located at a far distance from your web visitors, it will take more time to process the queries.

5. Search for additional features and resources

Lastly, you should always check for additional features and resources the hosting companies provide when purchasing web hosting from them.

This way, you will find the value you are providing for. Go and check after the best services and features available at your budget.

Conclusion about Fastest WordPress Hosting Company

The above six are our choices as the fastest WordPress hosting. However, here I’m going to give you my final verdict about which one you should go for.

It depends on what type of business you have, how many visitors you get, and your current issue with your ongoing hosting company.

If you are a freelancer or agency owner, the Kinsta should be best for you. If you want high performance with multiple other features (like email services) for a medium to large size business, WPX is your best choice.

If you have a budget and want to avail an offer for a site with huge traffic, rocket.net will be your priority. If you want an all-in-one solution for WordPress exclusively and pricing isn’t an issue for you, then WP Engine is your option.

And if you want top-notch performance and features with cloud hardware facilities, Cloudways and Kinsta should be the perfect choice for you.

My personal choice took me towards WPX hosting as it seems like a suitable option for a budding blogging business like mine. Let us know what your preference is!

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