The Best (Most Popular) WordPress Themes of 2023

Every WordPress user wants to make the best website and WordPress themes are the biggest contributor in fulfilling those goals of a new WordPress user.

Being able to customize your site is very exciting especially when you have already visualized how your website would look and the growth your business will achieve with it. However, customizing can be a daunting task if you want full-fledge customizing and are a little weak on coding and designing.

So today I will tell you about our best picks of WordPress themes that you can easily even if you a little to no coding experience. I will also tell you briefly about what is WordPress theme? Should go for a free or premium WordPress theme? And how to choose the best WordPress theme for your website?

Read this article thoroughly and you will exactly know what you want for your website by the time you reach the end of this article.

What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress Themes allow the website to be curated or customized how a WordPress website user would want. WordPress themes are one of its main selling propositions.

There are numerous tweaks you can do in WordPress themes that control the overall appearance of the blog or website. These tweaks are basically in the form of group files that contain graphics, style sheets, and code files.

These themes are basically a skin for your website which you can customize according to your blog or website. So whoever visits your website, can get the gist of what your blog is about. The reader should be able to capture what he is about to read before even looking at the words.

WordPress Theme is its inherent features and it has a large library of themes you can choose from. You can easily find exactly the type of theme you are looking for in the massive library of WordPress themes.

After applying the themes, you can further customize some parts of the theme you don’t like and change them according to your preference. You have flexibility in WordPress themes and it will definitely help you improve the look of your website.

Most of the themes do not need any further edit and you will be completely fine with how it makes your website look.

Our Pick of the Best WordPress Themes for 2023

1. Astra

Astra is the most popular WordPress theme and certainly belongs to our pick of the best WordPress themes for 2021. This is a lightweight theme that loads your sites very fast across different devices.

It also has effective features that allow users to customize and build all kinds of websites.

Astra relies on a WordPress customizer to customize most of the visual appearance from the color options to the style of your header. It covers all the customization you need.

Astra is suitable and can be used for any type of website. Whether it is a blog post, e-commerce site, and business website, Astra has you covered. It takes control of all types of websites and gives you the flexibility of tweaking you want.

Astra offers pre-made demo sites with its free version and that in itself is a big feature of Astra. This allows its users to have a head start and build the website in a short period of time. You don’t have to start from scratch and built everything on your own.

Astra is a well-curated theme that is also useful for SEO. So the makers of this theme thought this through and gives their users an advantage over other themes and plugins.

Astra is easy to use and its files have a size of under 50KB. You can purchase Astar premium at $59 and $249 that offers a year of support and lifetime support respectively.

2. Divi

Divi is a flagship theme and website builder from Elegant Themes. It has multipurpose themes and lets you build a website with its drag and drop feature.

You are the admin of both front-end and back-end changes you want to make to your website. There is no need for complex coding and numerous plugins to use Divi.

You can make all types of websites with Divi and customize your theme accordingly. You can either use pre-made sites that require further polishing and edits if necessary or you can build a site from scratch with a full custom theme.

Divi is also mobile-friendly and the user interface will be user-friendly from your smartphone. It has all the customizer tools like layouts, social link options, landing pages, and photo galleries, etc.

Divi starts at $89 for a year of support/update and $249 for lifetime support/updates with unlimited website usage on both plans.

These plans do not only cover Divi, they also allow the users to get access to extra, Bloom and Monarch.

3. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a lightweight and multipurpose theme built by Tom Usborne. The size of GeneratePress is just under 10 KB out of the box. This is a highly rated WordPress theme with over 300,000 sites actively using GeneratePress.

WordPress customizer provides all the customizing options for Generatepress that offers visual changes and user interface. The inbuilt customizer allows the user to view changes in real-time before applying them.

GeneratePress is similar to Astra but Astra takes a lead in some areas of customizing features, layouts, and starter sites availability in its free version. GeneratePress does not offer starter sites in its free version so your only option is to use WordPress customizer if you get a free version to GeneratePress.

The customizer settings and its interface in GeneratePress are straight forward and sometimes it is not enough to get a user-friendly experience. For example, the options for layout selections are just basic text and there is no visual indication of how a particular layout would look.

Lack of visual representation makes GeneratePress a lightweight theme. So people who are familiar with the names of layouts will not have any problem building their website using customizer.

GeneratePress starts with $59 that offers one-year support and updates with a further discount if you want renewal after a year. The other offer is $249 that offers lifetime updates and support.

4. Authority Pro

Authority Pro is the number one Studiopress theme that has multipurpose and works with any type of website you want to build.

This is the one-stop shop for building a premium website that has all the bells and whistles to operate and has the functionality to run large-scale e-commerce, blogs, and business sites.

Building a fully customizable website with Authority pro might take time but once it is completed, it is incomparable. So if you are someone with the budget and are serious about growing your business in this digital era then Authority Pro might just be the weapon you need.

Authority Pro is based on features that can only be effective for people who know a little bit about web development and coding. You will unleash the potential of your website with the features of this Studiopress theme.

For beginners, you can still make a functional website but you will be limited to so many things that you will end up having a basic-looking website. So clearly, Authority Pro is not for everyone.

Lead capturing is super easy and fast with the built-in opt-in form. You can also show accurate credibility with the featured widget that allows its users to place the logo and brand name.

5. Avada

Avada is one of the best portfolio-building websites that work with WordPress Premium as well.

It is a multipurpose website builder that has a drag and drops feature so it is one of the easier WordPress themes available online. Along with the intuitive drag and drop feature, it also comes with more than 255 pre-made demo sites and 41 pre-made fully structure websites.

Avada allows its users to make a website in the shortest possible time. With pre-made fully-featured websites, you can create a website in a minute assuming you don’t need any further adjustments.

The adjustments after selecting a pre-made site are very much possible with Avada. Use your favorite plugins to design web pages and improve the appearance and theme of your website according to your niche.

You can purchase an Avada theme regular plan for $60/year and an additional $18 for renewal. It comes with 6 months of customer support, theme updates, and all Avada Theme features.

Free or Premium WordPress Theme You Should Use?

Premium WordPress themes have an upper hand over free WordPress themes since you are paying for the premium. However, there are a handful of decent free WordPress themes that you can use without paying any penny. theme directory has a huge library of WordPress themes which have to go through a meticulous process to pass the legitimacy of a proper WordPress theme. This allows users to be assured of the quality of the WordPress theme.

You will have to opt for a theme judging by its design, user reviews, and functionality.

It is not all a wonderful experience for free WordPress themes users, the support that a free WordPress theme provides is minimal. There is a lack of support and most of the time, you need to find the solutions on WordPress dedicated forums.

Premium WordPress themes, on the other hand, provide premium features and if you are operating on a large-scale business with huge monetary business purposes then a premium WordPress will fit your criteria.

Premium WordPress theme provides unlimited support and updates that promise the reliability you need for your website. It comes along with a wide range of customizable tools and even wider if you can work your way in coding.

Free WordPress themes are usually for beginners who wants an entry level websites and does not want any serious business associate with it.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme For Your Site?

Only God knows how many themes are available for WordPress. There is no way that one goes through all the WordPress themes and decides which one he needs for his website.

So how do you narrow it down so that it is humanly possible to choose the right WordPress theme for you?

Choosing the right WordPress theme is a vital part of establishing a website on the internet. It can make or break the progress of your business.

An ideal WordPress theme for you should provide stability, an appropriate theme for your niche, a fast loading speed of your website across all devices and tools that allows customization on the go.

These are points you need to keep in mind when selecting a WordPress theme:

Know What You Need

Determine what you need and what are some features that you want but not necessarily need for your website. Have a visual mock-up of your website that allows you to pre-determine the design, type of columns, header, landing pages, and the number of columns you want.

Choose Responsive Themes

Choose a theme that is responsive and can load in a blink of an eye. This should not only apply on desktops and laptops but also works flawlessly on tablets and smartphones.

SEO Friendliness

You should always go for WordPress themes that are optimized for SEO. Many WordPress themes may not have proper HTML code resulting in sloppy SEO.

You can use the W3C Markup Validation Service to check the HTML of a particular page.

Ratings and Review

Ratings and reviews are a great way to choose a WordPress theme. A website that sells WordPress themes will usually have a review and rating section.

Carefully read the reviews and the ratings given by real users of that WordPress theme.

Premium is Always Better

Buying a premium WordPress theme will only benefit you and makes the whole managing and customizing aspect of your website will be a lot easier.


There is no doubt that there is a theme for every type of website. Thousands of WordPress themes are easily accessible but you will only need to check out the ones we have mentioned above in this article.

Being able to customize and edit without coding or design experience is an inherent WordPress theme feature that a lot of its users enjoy.

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