30+ Amazing Blogging Statistics, Facts And Trends For 2023

After long and effortful research, we have curated the most important and exciting 30 blogging statistics and facts.

As a content marketer or a blogger, you can use these facts and statistics to get insights about your blogging journey. You can implement this information and improve your blogging quality and your overall brand as a blogger.

Most important Blogging statistics and Facts

1. Publishing a blog on your website can generate traffic up to 434%

Adding blogs to sites get 434% more indexed pages. The indexed pages are crucial for google ranking as it determines the number of times the search engine has visited the set of webpages, allowing Google to rank the website.

Source: Express Writers

2. Blogs that contain images have 94% more visits than blogs that only have text

We can understand things better when there is information in visuals. As a result, blogging statistics from quick sprout show that we have a 65% higher retention rate for visuals as opposed to just 10% to 20% for text content.


3. More than 600 million blogs are surfacing on the internet

Oberlo shows that the internet has over 600 million blogs, and Tumblr is the most popular platform when it comes to blogs, with over 488 million blogs on that platform only.

Source: Oberlo

4. 95.9% of bloggers use social media to promote their blogs

Social media is a big part of marketing for particular niches. 95.9% of bloggers share their posts on various social media platforms to gain visitors and readers.

Source: OptinMonster

5. Blogs with at least 2000 words provide 36% better results

Bloggers who write more than 2000 words in a single blog post will get much better results than 500 to 1000 words blogs. Google algorithm for SEO also inspects the length for a certain type of post, and long-form size tends to rank higher.

Source: OrbitMedia

6. Blogging statistics shows that long-form blog post have a 77.2% more chance of having inbound links than short-form blogs

Long-form content is a better option to provide detailed information that readers will find valuable. Blog posts with over 2000 words have a 77.2% chance of directly and indirectly getting inbound links.

Source: Backlinko

7. Quality content has the ability to increase blog traffic by 2000%

Having a captivating headline and a meta-description that gives the idea of a solution to the customers are all crucial. All these add up to form quality content, and it can increase the traffic by 2000%.

Source: Omnicore Agency

8. 6 to 13 words title blogs tend to be more successful

A title that contains 6 to 13 words is the most optimal for your blog SEO. They will perform much better than, say, a three words title or 20 words title. Apart from just the number of words, what you include in your title also matters. A captivating title has relatability, urgency, numbers, specificity, and conciseness.

Source: Express Writers

9. The average number of words in blogs is 1416 words

The average number of words in an article or blog is 1416 words. The average of words was 2520 words in 2021.

Source: Copy Press

10. Less than 10% of bloggers make enough money to support their families

Blogging is a big scope for the money, but the initial stages of blogging make most bloggers quit. Less than 10% of bloggers earn enough to support their families. Only the top contenders in blogging that make up 0.6% make more than a million annually.

Source: Finance Online

General Blogging statistics and facts

11. There were only 23 blogs on the internet in 1999

Justin Hall is known as the person who started the blogging trend in 1994. The movement started slowly and finally caught its pace in 1999. As a result, there were about 23 blogs existed at that time.

Source: Webdesigner Depot

12. Tumblr has 488.1 million blogs on the internet

Blogging has been going on since 1994, and it’s been 28 years. By the year 2005, there were 50 million blogs on the internet, and the number reached 152 million by 2013.

Tumblr has the highest number of blogs, with around 488 million blogs, followed by WordPress, which has 70 million blogs.

Source: Growth Badger

13. There were around 31 million bloggers in the US in 2021

Some writers have more than one blog, and every day thousands of new blogs are created, and many get shut down. In estimates, 31 million bloggers were actively working in the US in 2021.

Source: Growth Badger

14. As of writing this, 2.75 million blogs are published every day

According to Envisage Digital, 2.75 million blogs are published across all blogging platforms. In WordPress, 70 million blogs are posted per month.

Source: Envisage Digital

15. The average amount of time a blogger takes to finish a blog is 3 hours and 21 minutes

It takes more and more time to complete a blog each year. In 2014 a blogger, on average, takes about 2 hours and 24 minutes to finish a blog. In 2021, the average time increased to 3 hours and 21 minutes.

Keep in mind that the type of topic and the writers themselves contribute to its time to complete a blog.

Source: Orbit Media

16. 53.3% of bloggers are aged between 21 to 35

53% of total bloggers are between 21 to 35 years of age, and 20.2% of bloggers are below 20 years. On the other hand, there are 19.4% who are aged 36 to 50, and 7.1% fall into 51 and above.

Source: Daily Infographic

17. 77% of people on the internet read blogs

There are around 77% of internet users who read blogs regularly. However, 43% of those people take a glance through blogs, and they do not actually read them. Research shows that 36% of people tend to find value in a blog if it contains Case Studies.

Source: Quoracreative

18. On average, readers spend 37 seconds on a blog

Usually, readers just skimmed through the blog without reading it. 43% of blog readers spend only 37 seconds on a blog. Here we can definitely see the enormous imbalance of the amount of time it takes to create content and the number of time people spend on a blog.

Source: Quoracreactive

19. Bloggers that post 16+ blogs monthly gain more traffic

Blogging data from Hubspot customers shows insights about the relation between the number of monthly blog posts and its traffic. Companies that post more than 16 times in a month tend to receive more traffic than those that post about four blogs per month.

Source: HubSpot

Business Blogging Statistics and Facts

20. Blogging plays a crucial role in content marketing strategy

53% of content marketers use blogging to attract the audience, engage readers with more clients, and eventually turn them into buying customers.

Source: OptinMonster

21. 91% of B2B marketer uses content marketing to grow their business

Content is king. This is a famous phrase thoroughly followed by many. B2B marketers use quality content to generate traffic and increase the popularity of their brands.

Source: Demand Metric

22. 80% of marketers plan to use original content

Original and quality content should always be at the top priority. As a marketer, you have to bring something fresh to the table. Original content will get useful insights and value to the readers. Google also prefers original content over your content will rank higher in the organic search engine.

Source: Social Media Examiner

23. 70% of clients prefer marketing through articles over ads

The marketing era is constantly changing, and ads might have been a pivotal part of marketing in the past. In today’s age, 70% of marketers and businesses prefer promotions and marketing of brands through articles.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

24. 68.5% of people think blogs add credibility to the site

A survey made by Social Marketing Writing in 2013 shows interesting points about blogging. Out of all the people who took part in the survey, 68.5% of people said that blogging adds credibility to the website or business.

Source: Social Marketing Writing

Economic Blogging Facts

25. 80% of bloggers fail to make 100$

A survey from Life Hacker shows that 80% of bloggers do not even make more than 100%. Another astonishing fact about blogging and earning is that 90% of bloggers do not make any money from blogging.

Source: AstuteCopyBlogging

26. Around 36.8% of bloggers spend more than 100$ to establish their blog site

A survey made by Blog Tyrant shows that 37% of 350 bloggers spend more than 100$ in their initial stages of blogging. Another interesting fact shows that bloggers who invested $20 or less to get positive ROI were 12.9%. On the contrary, people who didn’t spend anything to get positive ROI were higher (16.9%).

Source: BlogTyrant

27. Huffington Post earns $500 million from blogging

Although most of the blogger on the internet fails to even make a single penny off of it, the top contenders are earning millions. Huffington Post is currently at the top earner’s at $500 million annually. Endgadget holds 2nd place with $45.5 million annually.

Source: Target Internet

28. 65% of internet users are visual learners

According to one of the top influencers Jeff Bullas, 65% of people are visual learners. So adding visuals to blogs can be beneficial.

Since 2019, visual content has emerged, especially in video blogs. Other than that, the podcast also picked up its pace, and this type of media content helps the website increase its popularity.

Source: Jeff Bullas

29. 60% of bloggers will reuse content 2 to 3 times

Bloggers use already made content in their new publishing instead of creating new content. If the content is relevant, it is understandable to reuse it. If the old content is ranked in Google SERP, it is better to tweak the same article rather than create a new one.

Source: OptinMonster

30. 32% of marketers advocate on visual images being the best form of content

32% of marketers believe that graphical images like data-centric visuals, infographics, Quotes, and Gifs are a great form of content. Using them in your blogs has a higher chance of getting more visitors.

Source: OptinMonster


These were the most exciting and compelling blogging statistics and facts that you need to know. Now that you know the most optimal length for blog posts and the value of quality content, you should be able to run a successful blog.

Even if you have never blogged before, you can use this information to fuel your desire to create the best blog on the internet.

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