SEMrush Review (Updated for 2023)

Does your website don’t gain any traffic? Do you want to market your products or services? Do you want to go ahead with your competitors?

If the answers to all those questions are YES, then you are in the right place.

We all know that driving traffic is a very difficult task. You have to go through a tough hassle to gain traffic. You need to make the use of various SEO tools to keep your brand ahead of your competitors.

So, if you want a complete set of tools to gain rankings of your website, then we have a solution for you. To gain your target audience, you need to make the use of several tools. But what happens when you get all these tools in one place?

Yes, you have read, right!

If you want all SEO tools gathered in one place, then you can make the use of SEMrush. This amazing tool is trusted by professionals and bloggers who want to rank their website and gain a potential audience.

After getting updates from Google Panda, most of the people have changed the approach of working with their SEO strategy.

Most of the bloggers or brand owners do not just approach the content which has been liked by the audience but also liked by search engines. So, when you start writing content according to search engine guidelines, then you can easily rank your website in Google. This could be one of the ways to promote your website among the audience, and the results will be seen in your analytics dashboard.

Apart from content, you should know the importance of keyword research because if you want quality content for your website, you need to take care of your keywords. To analyze keywords, SEMrush offers a lot of options to the user.

Now, let’s begin this review guide, where we will discuss various aspects of this amazing tool, and then you will decide whether to use it or not. So, let’s start with a detailed overview of SEMrush.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is one of the best tools for digital marketing available in the market. This tool is used by millions of people who want to grow their brand and gain a targeted audience. It offers a series of features and toolsets that help you analyze your competitor and keep your brand ahead of them.

You can simply make the use of the SEMrush tool to optimize your website for search engines.

This great tool has been found by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. Over time, this marketing tool gains about 6 million users and considered to be one of the top marketing tools in the digital market.

SEMrush gives you a lot of information about the domain you want to search for. This information can be used in various ways like:

  • You can create better and optimize content for your website
  • You can easily find various backlinking opportunities for your brand
  • Easily analyze technical aspects of your website and try to improve them
  • Get site audit done and easily remove all errors with its suggestions

SEMrush provides you a series of options to optimize your website for Google. For example, if you want to some keyword suggestions for your blog, then you can definitely make the use of SEMrush to do that. There are many other features as well that SEMrush provides.

The Top 8 SEMrush Features (Detailed Review)

This top marketing tool provides a unique set of features to its users that will help them to market their products or services. SEMrush not only saves your time of marketing but also gives you perfect opportunities to improve your website.

Using the different metrics provided by SEMrush, you can correct all the errors of your website. It provides various features.

Let’s get started and discuss all its features in details:

1. Domain Overview

The first feature of SEMrush is Domain overview. Most of the people prefer to do domain overview to start their SEO project. This means that by using the domain overview feature of SEMrush, you will easily get a quality analysis of your domain from an SEO point of view.

You can either enter your own website domain or just enter your competitor’s domain. By using this feature, you will get various suggestions about SEO improvements that you need to make on your website.

If you enter your competitor’s domain, then you will get an idea of how difficult to rank your website or the points you should work on to get higher rankings. If you are a customer or want to approach a brand, then you can make the use of this feature. It will help you to analyze whether you should approach that brand or not based upon their website traffic.

The high-quality websites have several backlinks as well as optimized content that will help in boosting the performance of the website. It is very easy to use the domain overview feature of SEMrush. You just need to paste the domain in the search bar of the tool.

When you enter the domain in the website, then you will be able to get an immediate sense of how that domain is performing in search results. By analyzing your domain, you will get various metrics like:

  • An authority score of the website or domain
  • Total number of users or visitors website gaining
  • Total external links of the website
  • Total keywords of high volume used in the website
  • Competition domains
  • Advertising or paid media analysis

2. Keyword Magic tool

Apart from keyword analysis and research, you will get another feature that is the Keyword Magic tool. This tool provides the most convenient way of researching keywords.

With the help of this feature, you will be able to get competitive keywords, their density, SERP results as well as cost per click on a particular keyword. With the help of this keyword magic tool, you will be able to get all those keywords that are not used in your content and have a good density.

Once you get all the keywords you want to add in the content, you can move all those keywords to keyword analyzer. This feature will help you to make the cluster of keywords or make groups of them with automatic grouping option.

After grouping keywords, you need to pay attention to the CPC column of all those selected keywords. This will gives you an idea of how trending that keyword is based on the clicks it is getting. This keyword magic tool in SEMrush saves a lot of time analyzing which keyword should be used in your content.

This is one of the amazing features of the SEMrush marketing tool.

3. Site Audit feature

Another popular feature of SEMrush is the Site Audit. In this feature, you will be able to get site auditing functionality in which all negative errors present on your website will be shown. It includes:

  • Slow content loading
  • Website page load speed
  • Duplicate or plagiarized content
  • SSL issues present in your website
  • Crawling errors
  • Missing headers and footers errors
  • Overused keywords in your content

These are some of the aspects your website will be audited on. The best thing about the site auditing feature is that it gives you the reason also for doing all the changes on your website based on its auditing.

The site auditing feature of SEMrush radically works to improve the SEO of your website along with its performance. A single site auditing tool reveals a number of changes that you should do in order to get high rankings on your website.

You can use this option for desktop and mobile auditing separately so that you will get an idea of necessary changes.

4. Position Tracking

If you monitor your website position in search results of Google, then you must use the position tracking feature of SEMrush.

You can get an overview of the rankings or your domain or competitors’ domain. In order to do that, you need to enter the domain or a set of keywords for which you want to track the position.

After that, you will get a proper report of how your website is ranking in the search results. When you enter the right and optimized keywords in your website content, then there the stats of your website go high.

You will also monitor your website’s progress and see the ranking phrases that you have entered in your content. With the help of the position tracker tool, you will be able to compare your competitor domain with yours.

You can see how your website is performing against the competitor when you enter optimized keywords. If you want regular email updates about your site positioning and other factors, then you can save your email address. You can easily make the use of the rank tracking functionality of SEMrush.

5. Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are an important factor for a website to perform well in search engines. You can easily tell how a website performs based on the external links it has.

In SEMrush, you can easily keep a check on the backlinks of the domain in two ways. The first one is to make the use of the Backlink audit option, and the second one is backlink analysis.

When you enter a domain in the backlink analysis option, then you will see a whole list of backlinks associated with that domain. You can also make the use of this option to view anchor text, top-level domain as well as IP addresses of backlinks. You can also keep a check on lost or newly made backlinks.

You can do backlink analysis of the website with other tool named as Backlink audit. This tool is mainly built to show toxicity backlinks. This will probably show the site health of your domain.

With this tool, you can easily disavow links and tell Google to ignore those bad links. Determining backlinks with the help of these two features is a very good idea for your website performance.

6. On-Page SEO Checker

This is the other most useful feature of SEMrush. This tool will scan your whole website and gives you the points on which you have to work.

You can easily determine those points and make improvements. You can get various suggestions once you enter the domain in the search bar:

  • Improvements on which keywords you have to add in the content of the website
  • Essential steps to make your website Google featured snippet
  • Improvements on meta titles and descriptions
  • A suitable length of the content
  • Internal linking strategies

So, you can make the use of these types of suggestions to make your website look good and optimized for Google.

7. PPC Analysis

We all know that SEMrush provides a detailed analysis of your competitors. So, if you want to run ads and make the use of paid media, then you can do that with the help of the PPC analysis feature of SEMrush.

You will easily get details of the CPC data of your competitors. In this way, you can efficiently create PPC strategies for your brand.

8. SEMrush Sensor

This is the unique feature provided by SEMrush. It helps to measure volatility in your search results. It offers you various categories and highlights for possible Google updates. You can check the volatility of your keywords with the help of this tool.

SEMrush Projects

You can add various projects to use features like site auditing and backlink building. The domains that have been added as projects in SEMrush can make the use of these features.

The number of projects you can add will depend on your pricing plan subscription. So, make a plan that suits well to add as many SEO projects as you can.

SEMrush Report

Did you know that you can create and send reports of each feature you use on SEMrush?

Yes, SEMrush is indeed very generous in terms of reporting. You can even create and send 3000 domain reports per day, and it only based upon your plan subscription.

SEMrush Interface

The SEMrush is based on an intuitive interface that makes it easy to use by a large number of people. Its interface is somewhat similar to Moz and Ahrefs that consist of menu options to the left of the panel.

You can get useful tools like competitive research, keyword analysis, Link building, On-page SEO, and many other options groups together at one side. It can also be used in your mobile and makes your SEO work better.

SEMrush Pricing Review

If we compare SEMrush with other SaaS applications, then we have noticed that SEMrush is a bit expensive. This is because you will get a large number of tools to embed in it.

While other SaaS applications provide fewer tools as compared to SEMrush therefore, they are less expensive. You will get various offers in pricing plans along with seven days of a free trial.

SEMrush Customer Support

With all these features, SEMrush provides valuable support to its customers. If you are facing any issue with this tool, then you can easily contact customer support. You can either email them or have an online chat or just call them to solve your issues.

The contact support options will be available at the footer of the tool.

What are the Pros?

There are several pros of using this amazing digital marketing tool. They are:

  • It has easy to use interface
  • Consists of a large number of tools for marketing
  • Gives you a detailed analysis of your domain
  • You can easily keep a check on your competitors.
  • CRM like features that will increase your reach
  • Get PPC data along with organic search results
  • Keyword analysis to make your website better

What are the Cons?

  • It can only provide results of one search engine, and that will be Google
  • Plans are a bit expensive and come with only one user device
  • Some features are only available if you add a domain as projects
  • Site traffic is not accurate
  • Free trial requires payment option details

SEMrush Review: Conclusion

In this article, we have reviewed SEMrush based on its pros and cons, along with its features.

Now, you will easily get an idea of whether you want to use this marketing tool for SEO projects or not.

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