Grammarly Review (Updated for 2023)

Many writers want to make sure that their content writing work should be error-free. They make the use of various grammar checker tools to ensure error-free writing.

When we start writing an article or blog, we are too much into writing the stuff that sometimes we forgot to add commas, hyphens, etc. and do embarrassing typos as well.

Therefore, to avoid these mistakes from getting into their content, most of the people prefer to use Grammarly.

But do you think that Grammarly is the best online checker?

In this article, we are going to review Grammarly so that you can decide whether you should use it to check your grammatical mistakes or not?

So, let us get started with a detailed review of Grammarly!

What is Grammarly?

If you provide any online writing services or write a blog or article for any company, then you should definitely know about Grammarly.

If not so, then we will tell you what Grammarly is?

Grammarly is an online spell checker tool embedded with various features. This fantastic tool has been used by millions of people who write content on a daily basis.

This is an application that comes with an extension to check grammar, spellings of words, plagiarism, and much more in real-time. It can be used in a number of platforms, including Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, and much more.

This free grammar assistant is actually coined with fantastic features.

This sounds nice. But, do you know that there are many limitations to this writing software.

Grammarly Review: Its Best Features

We are going to discuss various features, pros and cons, cost, and much more about Grammarly. This fantastic tool helps you with these types of errors you come in contact with while writing.

It provides you with several features like:

1. Grammar and Punctuation Check

While you write an article, you come in contact with various grammatical and punctuation errors. These errors can easily be detected by Grammarly and it allows you to correct these types of errors. This is one of the main features of Grammarly.

2. Spell Check

Spelling mistakes are a standard part of writing content. Therefore, this tool will check the spelling of every word and corrects the spelling of each word.

3. Plagiarism Detection

Grammarly provides another feature called plagiarism detection. This can be done by comparing web pages and their content.

4. The writing style of your content

It provides real-time insights into your writing style. This will helps to improve the readability score, sentence length, etc.

How Grammarly Works?

Once you create a Grammarly account for free by entering your login credentials, then you can easily do a tour Grammarly provides to its new users.

After finishing the tour of Grammarly editor, you will be entered in the Grammarly dashboard. When you start writing, it will provide you helpful suggestions.

This editor has been embedded with a sophisticated artificial intelligence system that is inbuilt in to analyze sentences you have written.

With a lot of computing power, it requires analyzing the sentences, and this editor has been running on the Cloud platform.

When you add a sentence in the Grammarly dashboard, then it will analyze the sentence and gives you suggestions based on the errors. If you do not like the suggestion, then you can ignore that.

This editor not only makes you write better but also enhance your writing style with its suggestions.

Who Should Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is an excellent tool for those who write articles, blogs, or provide content writing services. This tool also fits the need for a native English speaker and for those who get grammatical issues while writing in English.

People who can easily make the use of Grammarly content editing tool include:

  • Authors
  • Copywriters
  • Bloggers
  • Content marketers
  • Any business professional who wants to draft reports, email, presentation, or want to do any writing work accurately.
  • Social media enthusiasts
  • Students

Basically, Grammarly is designed for everyone who wants to write in English without facing any grammatical issues or plagiarism.

You can also set Grammarly based on the country you want to write. For example, if you want to write in Canadian language or American English, then you can change its settings to that.

It offers various styles of writing for one who is using this writing editor. Just make sure the book, article, post, or blog you write should easy to read and understandable by people.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

With so many features embedded in it, the Grammarly comes in premium as well as the free version.

The premium version of Grammarly will cost as follows:

  • If you want to purchase its monthly subscription, then it will cost $29.95 per month.
  • The quarterly subscription of Grammarly will be billed as one payment of $59.95.
  • If you want to choose Grammarly for a year to solve all your English writing errors, then you have to pay $139.95.

So, these are three forms of subscription you can use if you want to purchase Grammarly for writing.

We suggest you use the free version of Grammarly first to test its features. With the use of this fantastic editor, you can quickly check writing mistakes on your phone automatically.

You need to make the use of the Grammarly keyboard. In desktop, you can add its extension to get hands-on grammatical issues.

This is the best part of Grammarly that you can detect any writing issues with devices like phone, desktop, or PC.

Is Grammarly Premium worth it?

We know that you might probably be thinking that Grammarly gives you a whole set of features in its free version. Then why to go for a premium.

You can check grammatical issues, improve your writing style, and set goals of writing, and much more with the free version of Grammarly.

Then why use a premium version?

Most people will think that, however, most of the things they get in life, the things that come with some cost are better than free ones.

If we talk about the paid version of Grammarly that is Grammarly premium then, you will get an advantage to identify more grammatical mistakes in your document.

With its premium version, you will get useful tips to improve your writing style as well as plagiarism checker, Word choices for incorrect word, inclusive language, and much more.

These extra features are worth getting if you are writing blogs professionally. You will get advance correction options with the use of Grammarly premium.

We recommend you to use Grammarly premium when it comes to blog writing, editing, proofreading, and examining typos. This will enhance your writing skills.

Therefore, Grammarly premium is definitely worth buying if you want to enjoy its advanced features.

Grammarly Free Vs. Grammarly Premium

If you want to use a free version of Grammarly, then you will get most of the features for checking grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly premium offers you advanced features to check grammatical mistakes, plagiarism detector as well as some vocabulary enhancement suggestions.

If you have a minimal budget for writing tools, then you can easily make the use of the Grammarly free version. You can check your blogs, articles, or any other content in this free version of this tool.

Grammarly Premium version provides you full detailed information about your grammatical errors. These mistakes can come up with the pop-up box so that you can quickly correct them.

You will also get additional writing insights and have the ability to set your goals with the premium version. You will see that the premium version will find more mistakes than that of the free version in your content.

If you want to get a premium version for this amazing writing editor tool, then you can subscribe for a monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription. If you subscribe to any of them, you will get huge discounts and benefits with that.

We suggest you go for a annual version as it will create a balance between affordability and expenses. So, use this fantastic tool to get your grammatical mistakes and suggestions to correct them.

Now, we have talked about free as well as the paid version of Grammarly, and you will get an idea of how useful it is.

Let us started with its pros and cons so that you get a clear picture of whether to use this tool or not!

Pros of Using Grammarly Grammar Checker

Many reasons help you choose why you should go for Grammarly editor. So, let us get started with all these advantages of using Grammarly now:

1. Get a real-time grammar check for your content

One of the most significant advantages of using Grammarly editor is that you quickly check your grammatical mistakes in real-time.

Other editors allow you to insert the whole content and let you check grammar when you click on the go or submit button. But when we talk about Grammarly, it will let you check your grammatical mistakes as the time you enter the content in its dashboard.

2. Get Accurate results

When you start writing articles or content, then you make several small mistakes like you forgot to add a comma, or you just missed adding a character in a word.

But, when you use Grammarly, it will understand your content, analyze it, and provide you accurate results.

3. You can easily understand suggestions

This amazing AI software will provide you explanations a step further so that you can quickly improve content. These suggestions are easy to understand and enhance your content.

4. Customization

When you add any brand name or real words, then these are not identified by Grammarly. Therefore, you can easily customize them by adding them to your Grammarly dictionary.

5. Intuitive interface

This is simple to use tool with an intuitive interface.

Cons of Using Grammarly

Like a coin has two sides, this editor also has two sides. We have discussed the pros of using Grammarly above.

Now, we are going to discuss its cons. Let us get started:

1. Limited Free version

With Grammarly free version, you can only correct spelling and grammatical mistakes. So, those who write blogs do editing or proofreading are recommended to go with the Grammarly Premium version.

2. Cannot change Spelling forms from US to UK

Grammarly dialects US english with spelling variants. This is a con of this editor.

3. Can’t work offline

Grammarly does not work offline; you need a good connection to work with this software.

So, these are some Pros and cons of using Grammarly editor.

Grammarly Review: Conclusion

We know that Grammarly is a popular tool that helps you with checking grammatical errors, gives you suggestions to improve your writing styles, and embed it with various features.

You can quickly write content and check it with the help of this tool.

In this article, we have given you a brief view of using Grammarly editor for your content writing work. So, what are you thinking? Should you use it?

The answer to this question is yes. You should definitely use Grammarly editor as this is an excellent tool for writers. Besides having some cons, it is practically useful for those who write in the long term.

We recommend this tool for those who want to improve their writing styles and grammar.

It has very easy to use makes it easy for you to write. So, go and make the use of this fantastic tool.

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