Top 7 Blogging Myths You Should Never Follow in 2023

Blogging a well-known word in the world of social media. Blogging means sharing thoughts about anything you feel to share on social media. Blogging is writing reviews, sharing pictures or any other entries published online. A blog is like a website where anyone can share any issues, suggestions, or information. The content shared on the blog is known as blogging.

Blogger is the free platform that encouraged blogging; bloggers are the individuals or companies who are writing articles, sharing information & photos. The bloggers write their thoughts in the form of an article, provide the data, and educate the audience about their writing.

There are many sites for blogging helps you to understand what blogging is, what the blogs are and who are the bloggers and what they are writing and for whom they are writing.

7 Common Blogging Myths You Should Not Believe

Blogging is a vast word, and few have the idea about it over a while in blogging. Whereas few are beginners, and there must be some details precise, some myths must be around. Here are the details about common myths that you need to forget:

1. It’s very easy to earn big money with the help of your blogs

This is a myth. Making money is never be so easy in every field, so how can it be possible in blogging. Some companies are working professionally for a long and set up their space in digital media. To earn big money, blogging should be strong enough to attract an audience.

The quality of articles is the strength of being the audience engaged for a long. The audience’s choice and suggestions help the blogger write better every time, so it usually takes time to earn money or big money from blogging.

2. If you build it, they will come

No, they won’t come. If you write & build, you need to work hard to attract users. There are thousands of articles that get published every day.

There must be strategic planning for the writing and marketing of your blogs. The passion for writing, scheduled calendars, joined the social media groups for the connection & reasonable efforts on sites for the online presence helps the audience to come and make your efforts fruitful.

3. You need to spend a lot of money to start a blog

The most common myth about blogging. As a newbie, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on blogging. The only two essential things are Domain name and web hosting on which you need to spend money.

A domain name would be the identity in the web world and blog hosting like a subscription to give everyone access to read the blogs. The approx. The cost to invest is around $95-$195 per year. It’s your choice how to spend and where to spend the money.

4. If you can’t write well, you can’t blog

There is nothing like this in this world. If you can’t write, then you can’t blog. You need to focus on improvement and maintain quality. There are several free websites providing the help in writing, finding the grammatical and spelling mistakes and assisting for good writing skills.

The basic idea is to write your point, idea or suggestion in simple language and easy to understand to anyone. The fancy words in the article might sound uneasy for the new beginners, so be crisp and clear in mind while writing.

5. You have to post every day

There are no set rules for posting your article daily. It depends upon how you want to work, every day, alternate day, once or twice in a week, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. All that matter is quality works should be delivered to the readers.

Few newbies have a myth that the article should be published daily to get visibility.

However, concentrating on visibility, the article was sometimes written in a hurry and posted with editing. This could harm your work quality and time too. There should be a set schedule for posting a blog.

6. Blogging is only about written content

This myth is right and wrong too. Blogging is about sharing a thought, thinking and make the matter readable and exciting for readers. So till the time, you don’t write, you don’t get readers. That doesn’t mean you should have a degree to write and share the content.

Effective writing skills can be learned and developed as per the experiences and the suggestion from the readers. The prime focus should be on effective writing and continuous learning.

7. Blogging is dead

This is a big myth to say that blogging is dead. No, blogging was not finished in 2020; from the past few years, everyone is trying their luck and showing the interest in blogging that made blogging a boom.

However, thousands of blogs are published every day is begin a competitive environment on social media. Few articles and blogs are not even read for months because of the high amount of writing posted on blogging sites. This is the reason few people feel that blogging is dead.

But this doesn’t change the fact that blogging is increasing, and readers love to read more in the coming years.


In simple words, blogging is an opportunity to express your thoughts to the world. There are many more myths about blogging since it has become a regular habit for the reader.

We should be more careful and do detailed research before believing in the aspect of blogging. It’s better to forget the myths about blogging and create your own experience to become a creative blogger.

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