Best Month to Month Web Hosting Plans (Monthly Billing) in 2023

Web Hosting plans generally advertise their rates in annual plans and not everyone who is looking for a web hosting plan is looking for long term web hosting service. There are a significant amount of bloggers and content writers who are focusing on monthly plans rather than yearly plans due to many reasons.

While the Yearly plan’s rates are proportionately cheaper than monthly plans, you have to stick to it and whether you like it or not, you have to pay for the yearly plan.

8 Best Month-to-Month Billing Web Hosting Plans

Monthly plans are for people who want to play it safe and try out multiple web hosting services or it just financially makes sense for them.

This guide will tell you about the best month-to-month billing web hosting plans that you can avail yourself of right now.

1. Dreamhost

Dreamhost not only provides the best value to its users but also offers the best month-to-month hosting plan. It offers the best value for your monthly bill which is just $4.95.

Dreamhost has made its establishment in the web hosting industry in such a way it is probably the most recommended hosting service. My peers have been using Dreamhost for a long time and they don’t have any complaints about the service it provides.

You will get all the features you expect in a premium hosting service here in Dreamhost. Let’s say, for example, you want WordPress pre-installed, SSL certificate, site security, and fast site loading speed. You will get everything in Dreamhost.

Dreamhost’s month-to-month payment plan is beginner-friendly and that is why many newcomers are using the DreamHost service.

Many beginners are often confused about which web hosting services are budget-friendly and they want to try out few hosting services before sticking to one service. This is where month-to-month service can come in handy, they don’t have to commit to a full-year plan since they want to try out other services as well.

You can cancel your service at Dreamhost at any time if things don’t work out for you. There are no restrictions on canceling service even after opting for a plan already.

Dreamhost also provides a 97 money-back guarantee which you don’t much in other web hosting services.

2. HostGator

HostGator offers excellent technical support that can help out beginners and small businesses with their queries to start running their website.

Their monthly plan is also respectable since it is designed specifically for new users who are looking for inexpensive web hosting services.

HostGator understands that people with inadequate technical knowledge will have lots of technical issues which they cannot solve, this is why Hostgator has 24x7x365 technical support.

Users of Hostgator can contact technical support via live chat, phone calls, and emails. The best part is that all this technical support is included in Hostgator monthly plan.

Hostgator was found in Florida in 2002 in a dorm room. Since then, it has helped and assisted hundreds of thousands of small businesses, medium-scale businesses, and lots of individual bloggers start their blogs and websites.

The assistance is continuous and Hostgator always provides optimal ways to help you grow traffic into your site.

The monthly plan of Hostgator includes WordPress installation with just one click, excellent technical support all year, free SSL certificate, 45 days money-back guarantee, $100 Google Adwords credits, and unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

The monthly plan starts with $6.02 for one month and there are extra charges for additional add-ons. So I recommend you uncheck all add-ons unless you really need one.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has the highest price of one month bill as compared to the price of Dreamhost and Hostgator however A2 hosting provides services and features that are worth checking out.

Before we go into the services and features A2 hosting provides, I want to put the attention on the month-to-month bill of A2 hosting, it comes at only $2.99 if you opt for the 3-year plan.

If you want to go for a monthly plan of A2 hosting then it starts at $10.99 on Shared hosting. Other monthly plans of Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Server are $34.99, $6.99, and $169.99 respectively.

A2 Hosting with monthly plans offers features like 1 hosted website with unlimited storage, free SSL certificate, faster hosting, website migration service without cost, 24×7 technical support, site security, and a money-back guarantee.

When you are at the checkout process of the monthly plan billing page, be sure to double-check everything if things get confusing. So that you don’t have to pay an additional fee which you will not even use.

By default, plans will be selected at the highest possible prices so make sure that you click on the drop-down menu and select the” Monthly” option. Additional add-ons like Turbo Boost and paid SSL certificate can charge you extra. WordPress plugins can cover those add-ons without charging anything.

4. Namecheap

Namecheap is currently managing more than 10 million domains and the number one reason that contributed to Namecheap this astonishing number is because of the low-cost value.

Namecheap is one of the lowest-cost web hosting services at $2.88 per month. You don’t see hosting rates this low considering when Namecheap has been offering its services.

Beginners looking to build a new website tend to choose Namecheap because of its price. The pocket-friendly service that Namecheap provides definitely works out for them in luring countless numbers of users.

With prices this affordable, there has to be a catch right? There has to be a compromise on features and quality control. Fortunately, Namecheap provides excellent features for its price.

The features of Namecheap include monthly hosting plans with managed WordPress hosting, 3 website hosting, free SSL certificate, 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, the free domain name (optional), site security and 30-day money back guarantee.

The cheapest monthly rate will become even cheaper if you decide to go for a yearly or multi-year plan but you will have to pay throughout the whole plan unless you cancel the subscription.

5. Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed WordPress web hosting service that comes with the assistance of every beginner or newbie blogger that is managing servers and configuring web applications.

Apart from WordPress, Cloudways is integrated directly with other CMS like Magento, WooCommerce, and many more.

Blogger who don’t like to get into technical stuff and having to tweak little things at the backend, this web hosting service will serve you right.

Yes, all this backed up technical support is present in the Monthly plan that starts with $10 per month.

Cloudways operated on cloud computing with over 50+ data centers which are located around the world.

Cloud computing-based web hosting like Cloudways allows its users to expand their server size to make their website optimized for higher traffic, data queries, and application usages on the web.

The significant features of Cloudways are SSL installation, options to choose between the top cloud providers, 24/7 expert support, and free migration.

Cloudways has the proper structure of its monthly plan with a unique pay-as-you-go model that allows the users to only charge for the service that the user’s blog use.

There is no option to purchase a yearly plan because Cloudways does not provide a yearly plan.

Cloudways is great for people who are looking for short-term hosting plans since they have multiple monthly plans options and with the generous technical support, you cannot go wrong this web hosting service.

6. Kinsta

Kinsta is not a slouch when it comes to delivering but it also comes with a premium price. Well, more premium pricing than the first three web hosting services in this list. However, that should not be the factor that makes you neglect Kinsta and go for another web hosting service.

Kinsta is for those who have made a specific plan and a strategy for driving traffic and the ones who are willing to pay a premium to receive quality performance. Kinsta can sort you out with quality features with their monthly plans.

Kinsta has managed WordPress hosting which takes care of all the backend aspects like site security, scalability, site speed, updates, and backups.

It is best suited for all sizes of business since web hosting that offers features that takes care of all technicalities is loved by everyone.

The monthly plan of Kinsta starts with $30 and offers features such as 1 WordPress install, up to 20000 website visits/Mo, free SSL certificate, free managed content delivery network, 5 GB of disk space, 1 premium website migration, options to choose data centers and demo environments.

It is an overwhelming amount of features and includes everything you need to build a website.

Kinsta believes in providing quality service to its customers and maybe it comes at a cost but it is definitely worth it.

7. Flywheel

Flywheel is another WordPress-managed hosting and they have made a stronghold in this place. There are many customers who are loyal to Flywheel and its services.

Since blogging is a big part of content marketing and driving traffic, Kinsta focuses on freelance industries, agencies, high-traffic bloggers, and marketing teams.

You can certainly count Flywheel as a web hosting service that provides assistance and services to independent creators.

Flywheel provides a free demo site that allows users to use Flywheel for 14 days. The user gets access to all the features during this period and there will be no cost before the end of this trial period.

People who want to try out services can certainly get their hands on Flywheel to see how they feel about this web hosting and then they can opt for the monthly plan of Flywheel that is $25/mo.

The monthly plan includes one WordPress installation, 25,000 monthly visitors, 50 GB bandwidth, 5 GB of disk space, built-in CDN, free SSL certificate, and staging environment.

There is also 24/7 live chat technical support.

By default, the buttons are toggled to yearly plans so make sure that you change it to “monthly” when you are at the checkout process.

8. WP Engine

I personally use WP Engine for a couple of months and it has helped me a lot in managing my website content and driving organic traffic. There are hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors on my site thanks to the WP engine.

The reason why I went for WP Engine is because of the features and services it offers at lower-tier prices. However, once it gets higher and you feel the need to upgrade, the price to feature ratio does not make a lot of sense.

If you want to go for a premium plan with premium features, I still think that Kinsta is the best bet for you.

WP Engine is great for small to medium-size businesses. To be specific, it really depends on the type of industry you are in. It is even suitable for some large-scale industries.

WP Engine also has one managed WordPress Website Hosting Install with a 25000 monthly visitors limit. It also has up to 10 GB/mo of storage, 50 GB bandwidth/mo, 24.7 live chat, and email support, free SSL support, and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

One of the unique selling points of WP Engine is that it offers 35+ premium WordPress themes which are considered among the best WordPress themes.

Advantages of Paying Monthly for Web Hosting

There are few major advantages that you can benefit from using monthly plans instead of a yearly plan for Webhosting. Here are some advantages of paying monthly for web hosting:

  1. You have to pay significantly less amount of money on a Monthly plan as compare to yearly plans.
  2. While a yearly plan offers fewer monthly bills if you want a long-term subscription, the monthly plan is always a safer choice if you are not sure about using a web hosting service for the long term.
  3. You can try out multiple web hosting services in a couple of months with monthly plans.
  4. Monthly plans generally offer full fledge features that yearly plan offers.
  5. Beginners tend to go for monthly plans since it allows them to try out various multiple web hosting services before sticking to one.

Which Month-to-Month Web Hosting Plans Will You Choose?

It could be a daunting task to decide which month-to-month web hosting plans to choose especially if this is the first time you are looking to get a web hosting service.

Let me help you ease the burden by telling you that my number one recommendation is Dreamhost.

Dreamhost not only has the lowest true month-to-month payment plan, but it also offers fully stacked features a beginner to an expert would require to manage websites.

Dreamhost is flexible and transparent when it comes to the plans available to its customers. There is no hidden fee that will rack up your bill. Everything is straight forward and you are paying for what you need.

The live chat and email support of Dreamhost can get you through any issue you are having. This is from my personal experience as they generally care about their customers.

There is no pinpoint order to only go for Dreamhost, it is just my recommendation and if you find something other than Dreamhost that fits your needs then by all means, go for it.

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