Best Bluehost Alternatives & Competitors (Updated for 2023)

Looking for the best Bluehost alternatives? Bluehost is great but its alternatives can be the ones you need for your website.

It is always hard to choose which web hosting to choose for your website. There are many types of web hosting services with a different types of hosting servers.

Usually, people get an idea to make a wonderful blog and visit WordPress website and start a blog. The beginner-friendly platform of WordPress is usually the reason why many people go for it. Choosing WordPress and making a free website is not enough to grow your online business.

You need web hosting to run a proper online business that can handle traffic and make transactions if you have an eCommerce site.

Bluehost is popular among WordPress users and there are hundreds of thousands of web owners using Bluehost on WordPress CMS. But what if I tell you that there are better options for you.

Bluehost Alternatives offers sturdy features at a competitive price. For some people, Bluehost may not even be a suitable web hosting for the type of website you are running.

Why Consider Bluehost Alternatives?

If you are looking for Bluehost alternatives, then the best places to look for is where you see things that Bluehost does not do well.

Bluehost has drawbacks and there is nothing wrong with preferring other hosting. But Bluehost is an affordable shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting that offers a wide range of plans for its users.

It has been operating in the hosting market since 2005 and they are now managing over 2 million websites around the world.

With that number, anyone can blindly trust this hosting service and see it as a reliable choice which it is. Because why not? It offers an intuitive and excellent hosting management dashboard that is comprehensive and gives all the tweaking features.

It is a beginner-friendly web hosting service due to its ease of use when it comes to building a website. Additionally, Bluehost also offers great constructing value-added options like a free domain name for one year, a free SSL certificate, built-in caching, and staging websites.

The plans are affordable and cover all the necessary features needed to make a full-fledged website.

However, Bluehost has some aspects of it that fall short of its competition. It is not as sturdy and can cause unexpected issues within the hosting platform.

Let’s take a look at some parts of Bluehost which its alternatives provide a better experience.

1. Performance

Bluehost occasionally performs in a suboptimal way. The loading page speed becomes a point of concern. So if performance is your priority it is best to look somewhere else.

2. Support

Bluehost customer support was rated 3.2 out of 5.0 in a survey conducted by CodeinWP in 2018. If we talk about its WordPress-specific support then it was not great either.

3. Migration

Bluehost charges $149.99 for migration while other web hosting service offers low rate migrating cost and some of them even migrate for free.

4. Pricing Plans

Bluehost has aggressive plans for its users but they restrict that pricing to its long-term subscription plans only. The monthly bills options of Bluehost are subpar. Bluehost alternatives offer similar and better monthly bills.

5. Add-ons and upgrades

The cheap-priced plans of Bluehost do not come with all the add-ons and upgrades. You need to pay an extra amount to use its high-tier add-ons and upgrades. This leaves you with confusion about whether the initial price covers all your needs and requirements for web hosting.

7 Best Bluehost Alternatives & Competitors for 2023

Bluehost has some amazing alternatives which can be a better option than Bluehost itself. Check them out to find out which one is the best Bluehost alternative for you.

1. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the oldest and most popular web hosting services available on the market. They have been operating their hosting service for 20 years. It is fast and secure for all types of websites.

It is officially recommended by WordPress itself. If you want to host a website with CMS like WordPress then DreamHost can be a great choice for you.

While WordPress already gives you tools to customize your website, Dreamhost also offers its native control panel. You can easily manage your website with the control panel and personalize anything you want.

With Dreamhost, You can register your unique domain name and opt for one of the scalable hosting solutions that they provide.

The uptime on Dreamhost is 100% which means that it is a very reliable hosting especially when you are running a website that has constant traffic.

You get a free SSL certificate and unlimited domains with one account. Other unlimited things you get on Dreamhost are bandwidth and disk space.

You can install WordPress with just one click on Dreamhost. The customer is up 24/7 and has automatic backups of your data.

Dreamhost plan starts at $2.95 and the DreamPress plan starts at $16.95/month. The VPS plan starts at $13.75.

2. Kinsta

Kinsta is a great web hosting service that ensures amazing website performance. It has an easy-to-use custom dashboard where it can auto-update and stage sites font and center.

The hosting service of Kinsta operates on the Google Cloud Hosting Platform’s premier tier. It is also used by Google itself.

Website hosted on Kinsta gets automatic backups and restores with unlimited host backups. Although it is a shared server, the features it gives are not available on all hosting based on it.

With the additional hosting plan of Kinsta, you get many features to optimize your website to the fullest. You get free CDN (Content Delivery Network) from KeyCDN plus Google Cloud Hosting.

It also gives you a premium DNS from Amazon Route 53 and NGINX Server.

When signing up to host a website on Kinsta, you get to choose your Data Centre from 20+ options. You get multiple price breakpoints on its offered plans.

Kinsta is reliable and has the optimum site speed that your audience would want. WordPress is the CMS of choice for Kinsta and it manages your website.

The starting plan of Kinsta starts at $30, Business Plan at $100/month, Agency Plan at $300, and lastly, Enterprise Plan starts at $600.

3. HostGator

Hostgator is another great Bluehost alternative and a budget-friendly web hosting service. If you don’t have the budget to spend on premium hosting then Hostgator can give you a similar experience at cheaper rates.

Hostgator operates on multiple hosting services like VPS, Dedicated, Cloud Hosting, and WordPress. Hostgator offers excellent tools and features that are very useful for small enterprises and businesses.

With Hostgator, creating and designing a website is simple with its drag and drop feature. If you want to do any backend management of your website then you can also do that with cPanel.

There is also a one-click installation of WordPress which makes Hostgator a great hosting for people who wants their website powered by WordPress.

When it comes to pricing, Hostgator charges $2.75/month if you purchase the 3 years subscription.

The uptime on HostGator is reliable and there is almost no network error. If in any case, you face any problem, you can issue service credit on Hostgator.

The unsatisfied customer of Hostgator can get a refund within 45 days. They can redeem their hosting account purchase as there are 45 days money-back guarantee refund policy on Hostgator.

The customer support on Hostgator is not as reliable as some of its competitors. You can pay $200 for advertising credit for making your website more visible to its potential readers and customers.

4. WPX Hosting

Many experts have put good remarks on WPX hosting. It is a premium hosting managed by CMS WordPress. WPX Hosting provides a fast loading speed of websites hosted on it. It also gives excellent customer support.

The website hosted on WPX hosting can also easily handle heavy images and templates that you install in it. The loading speed will have little to zero effect with large files stored on the website.

There are heavy-duty plugins that are available on this hosting service and those plugins can be used to manage any backend coding as well as personalize the appearance of the website.

There is also a WordPress performance tester plugin that gives you all the goodness of WordPress CMS.

WPX is not the most affordable if you are a beginner but it is certainly a great price to performance hosting service for medium to big websites.

The starting price of WPX hosting is $24.99 which comes under the Business plan. You can get it at a cheaper rate with the yearly subscription, then it will cost $20.83.

Professional Plan costs $49.99/month and $41.58/month when paid yearly. Similarly, the Elite plan costs $99.00/month and $83.25/month when paid yearly. With the Elite plan, you get 40GB of storage as well as unlimited bandwidth for your site.

The most popular plan of WPX is the “Professional” plan that gives 15 websites, 20 GB storage, and 200GB storage.

5. WP Engine

WP Engine is another WordPress-managed web hosting service that has features like the migration of site and offers great maintenance. WP Engine has been around since 2010 and it can be a reliable hosting.

It is well optimized for WordPress sites and any website based on WordPress can easily be integrated with WP Engine.

WP Engine deals with 70000 customers across 130 countries and some of their clients work with the government. Many big companies and corporations rely on WP Engine.

WP Engine contributes to the software and service innovations with its unique tools and features. With this, WordPress installation is easy and can help you boost your business.

The migration feature is one of the best features of WP Engine because you can utilize this feature without any cost. It is a free feature available to all levels of users.

However, there is no personal assistance for WP Engine. You cannot rely on developers to help you with the installation process.

You get SSL certification and CDN with all WP Engine plan. It also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

WP Engine plans come in four types, namely Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom. Startup plan costs $35/month, Growth plan starts at $115/month, “Scale” at $290/month, and lastly Custom which depends on personalized tools features and will charge accordingly.

6. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the only web hosting service that can be considered eco-friendly. Green Geek does not upsell its add-on services.

Unlike many other websites that require a manual update of WordPress to optimize your website, GreenGeek offers automatic WordPress installs.

The customer support of GreenGeeks offers live chat, phone calls, emails, and tickets. It is US-based technical support which means that you will not have any problem with communicating your problem with technical support staff.

GreenGeeks has an amazing load time. To be specific, it takes 697 ms to load a website hosted on GreenGeeks. Many web hosting services take one second or more to load a full fledge website.

The uptime is also astonishing with 99.92% which makes it reliable. It will always be ready to be visited by customers and readers.

The price of GreenGeeks starts at $2.95/month after applying a 70% discount. This is the first time offer that you can avail of. It also offers a free domain for your website.

7. Cloudways

Cloudways offers simplicity and flexibility of hosting for digital agencies and eCommerce businesses. Create amazing-looking designs for your website with this managed cloud hosting platform.

You get a fully customizable control panel that gives some over-the-top personalization of your website. You can make your website exactly the way you want it. Cloudways can build you great and innovative websites.

Although Cloudways integrates the best with WordPress, it is suitable for other CMS and eCommerce systems.

When you sign up for Cloudways for the first time, you will notice that it does not have the typical Control Panel. Cloudways has a unique server management feature that comes through a custom app called Click&Go.

All your accounts will be stored in a dedicated cloud server which gives you all the advantages of a dedicated cloud server.

One of the main advantages that come with Cloudways dedicated cloud server is that you can boost your site’s performance and scale whenever you need without any hassle of merging and transferring data.

The server automatically adjusts according to the load in traffic and it does that without sharing any crucial data with other users.

Managing the server’s speed, uptime and reliability can be properly optimized with any cloud infrastructures like Google Cloud, Amazon web services, Linode and Vultr.


Bluehost is not a bad web hosting but as time goes by, there are plenty of other options to choose from. It is completely okay to go for Bluehost but if you see some issue with Bluehost there is always a better option out there within the same price range as Bluehost.

We have curated the best Bluehost alternatives for you to choose from. Each Bluehost alternative web hosting has its perks but feels free to choose whatever suits your taste.

You can contact us if you have any doubts and we will surely get in touch with you.

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